IDF chief details army's national security strategy
Ron Ben Yishai, Adva Cohen
Published: 14.08.15, 14:06
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1. When we know what we are doing
US citizen ,   US   (08.14.15)
our efforts produce much better results. It is unacceptable to have to redo a job that wasn't properly planned and clearly laid out when we are talking about human lives being lost.
2. all very interesting- but not clear why any of this strategy
Rafi ,   US   (08.14.15)
... needs to be so precisely conveyed to the enemies who also read this....
3. Did pretty well not knowing all.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.14.15)
and.. who does? As long as Israel wins.. who cares? Look at what Hamas brought to Gaza... KEEP BUILDING !!
les ,   canada   (08.14.15)
easy: TO DEFEAT AND ELIMINATE THE ENEMY! enough of the half @$$ jobs, of which always ended up facing the same enemy, but a lot stronger then they were the last time.
5. IDF
Steve Gure ,   Coconut Creek USA   (08.14.15)
It is obvious that the ID does not set policies but follows the political decision. The IDF have not won a decisive victory in a long time.
6. Is this for Show - ? -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.14.15)
I Quote - " Eisenkot states that while Israel won't initiate wars - Do You Believe this statement Yourself ?. In my oppinion - action always beat Reaction - if war is forced upon it, the IDF will go on the offense rather than defense ". Arn.Sweden.
7. Israel\s security document
Joe Charlaff ,   Israel   (08.15.15)
Are we crazy - making public our security strategy. This is the most dangerous and dumbest thing imaginable that we could do. Has Eisenkot lost his mind?
8. (3) who says that now you 'know it all?
tiki ,   belgium   (08.15.15)
You think you do!
9. Important missing section...
WB ,   Be'er Sheba Israel   (08.14.15)
This is not the great thing it's being made out to be. But they've done a fine job of putting together a campaign guaranteed to distract the public and facilitate 'official' actions that will bring further setbacks and 'painful concessions' in the near future. CONTAINING A 'HOSTILE' CIVILIAN SECTOR A document such as this will have also thought out its entire order of battle when dealing with the civilians who oppose government policy and actions. They will have made similar 'demands' for clarification when it comes to dealing with the currently-demonized 'Settler', 'Religious', 'Hilltop Youth', 'Happy Jews' the Jewish Section has targeted for political-ideological purposes.
10. #5, Too true!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (08.15.15)
11. This is the 1st step in overriding the political echelon!
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