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Haredi man arrested for allegedly spitting on girl wearing pants
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 17.08.15, 19:33
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1. Haredi should life time of laundry
Tova ,   Canada   (08.17.15)
He can start by cleaning his heart and mind. Haredi are not the kind of people who can associate being clean. Spitting goes with what is in his heart. It seems being decent is not something that is taught in the Haredi community. Send him to Russia, I'm sure he will learn quickly spitting is not allowed.
2. No Trial
ik ,   USA   (08.17.15)
Castrate him!
3. 'Modesty'
SAMUEL ,   Kenya   (08.17.15)
This Girl is Daughter of God.she ought to wear as daughter of great King but blame goes to parents .
4. Murder of Shira Banki
Yehuda Leib ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.17.15)
The killer of this girl was a sick man. Although he happened to be haredi, his actions were not condoned by any Rabbi or by Jewish law. The fault of this murder rests on the police for failing to keep track of this psychopath. I also oppose a gay parade in the Holy City of Jerusalem, but would not - G-d forbid - hurt anyone to stop it. My children, obviously haredim, reported many incidents of being harassed by non-religious Jews while they were growing up. I have also been called a "Dossi" walking around non religious neighborhoods. Hate and intolerance is not limited to charedim, as your news articles insinuate. I have yet to see an article in ynet speaking of how the non religious belittle and harass the haredim. I suggest we all try a bit more tolerance and love for another Jew - even when he or she acts in a way we don't approve of. Isn't it enough that we are surrounded by 300,000,000 hostile neighbors - do we have to hate each other as well?
5. Jail time will dry his saliva
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (08.17.15)
Maybe for 6 months
6. to Yehuda Leib
Marcelo ,   TLV   (08.17.15)
great words, I only can agree with you. Most of the haters have never lived outside Israel. For the goym there is no difference between and observant and a laic Jew, why should be differenciate? Once I asked a man if he could tell me if the ashes in the ovens in Auschwitz belonged to observant or to laic Jews?...
7. Had he spit on my daughter, he'd be missing ALL his teeth.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.17.15)
And quite probably much of his nose.
8. Many more secular spit on haredim which we never hear about
Leora   (08.17.15)
on ynet, why?
9. Derech Eretz kadma la Torah!
Froike ,   NY US   (08.18.15)
What's next, beheading? We need to respect each other, no matter what sins or "desecrations" we believe took place. It is not up to us to judge our fellow Jews; that's Hashem's job! On behalf of all Jews, I ask that this young lady forgive the "frum" idiot that spit on her.
10. to 8
iselin ,   oslo   (08.18.15)
You must be joking. Smart seculars don't waste their saliva on such losers.
11. Haredi spitting on girl
Joseph Charlap ,   Mevasseret Zion   (08.18.15)
This is the most disgusting behavior. These people live in the Middle Ages and should go back there. They are not welcome in our world.
12. 11 This is one case since long ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.18.15)
Writing"these people "about that incident is distorting facts and shows Jewish self- hate .Just benefits the foes.
13. this shames me as a Jew
Barney ,   usa   (08.19.15)
same mentality as ayatollahs, Taliban,Al quaeda, boko haram and Isis. Not the violence but the mindset.
14. Haredi man spits on girl
Sol Romano ,   United States   (08.20.15)
In the USA, he would go to jail, and, if convicted of assault on a minor, could even be deemed a sex offender. as an American Jew, this disgusts me. SR
15. Spitting Haradim
Matt Sasson ,   NYC   (08.20.15)
Time to make an example of this guy. Tgrow the book at him
16. this is why many dont like haredi
jack bauer   (08.21.15)
rather then ignore her, or offer her advise to dress accordingly he spits and makes countless people despise all haredim
17. To #15: Matt Sasson in NYC
Howard K. ,   Israel   (08.21.15)
Although it was only one guy (utterly wrong and delusional BTW), I assume you wrote "haradim" because another guy in Beit Shemesh also did it a few years ago. So, two perps makes it plural. Following that logic, since a few thousand seculars are sentenced to prison in Israel for murder, rape, and who knows what else, we should always state "murderous chilonim" (or substitute some other crime for murder), i.e., in plural, because there are way, way more than one chiloni doing prison time for some really heinous crimes. The same for commenter #16: maybe the fact that hundreds of chilonim are serving prison sentences for murder should cause people to despise chilonim? I'm certain that ynet's commitment to free speech and open and civilized dialog will guarantee that this comment be posted.
18. It's likely you won't print this comment
Tzvika ,   Jerusalem   (08.25.15)
But I'll try to get through anyway. This story is at least 3 weeks old. Some people pay attention to the original date the article was posted, and it appears that the date is sometimes "updated" to make it look as if the story is more recent than it really is. You don't report murders, rapes, muggings, house break-ins, various other robberies, as much as you report spitting. Must be that spitting (as disgusting as it is) is a more serious crime than those other violent offenses.
19. #18 Tzvika - you're right
Jake ,   Israel   (08.31.15)
It's now like a month since that spitting attack and this story is still up. Plenty of robberies, assaults, who knows what else has happened during this month. But minimal if any reporting those crimes. Was the Bank Hapoalim "monkey business" even mentioned at all on this website. Answer: who cares! What's important is that a month ago a haredi spit on a girl.
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