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Bible Museum to display artifacts from Holy Land under new deal
Associated Press
Published: 18.08.15, 23:07
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1. Saw the touring version
sean ,   pasadena   (08.19.15)
Astounding collection. Dead sea scroll fragments, tablets from Ur, Scrolls desecrated by Nazis. Totally worth seeing.
2. Bad idea
Formis ,   Greece   (08.19.15)
Moscow is going to obliterate Wash DC quite soon, it'd be foolish to send priceless objects thither.
3. Hitler's y'sh plan was to make a museum about Jews
Larry   (08.19.15)
as he was sure he'd be able to eradicate every single Jew on the planet. (Too bad he's not here to see how millions of Jews are thriving all over the world.) Washington removed the 10 Commandments and morality from the Capital, from schools and Courthouse. So now they want to make a museum from it.
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