IDF: Iran's Quds Force responsible for rocket fire
Ahiya Raved, Yoav ZItun
Published: 21.08.15, 09:07
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1. Retaliation to sustain civilization
Daniel Moshe Johnson ,   Canada   (08.21.15)
Shalom Aleichem This diversion is not a surprise as the atmosphere gets deceptive and heated, as the memories of the 6day War become clear, I predict we will be in a war on or before Yom Kippur 5775. It's time to clear Syria and all of Gaza, Syria is a country gone rouge and out of control with questionable leadership, my guess, Assad has relinquished power since 2011. The Caliphate is in full mode, Iran will try a sneak attack while Syria, Hamas and Lebanon kick us in the knees. Just look in the eyes of Islamic followers in your city, they know that the breach of Israel, will end their religion, as Israel will devour all enemies with nuclear gifts. Then the commoner in democracies will look for Mooselenms as if it's a Salem witch hunt. Daniel Moshe Johnson
2. If the shells were errant.....close an eye.
koose e mack ,   ny us   (08.21.15)
If they were intentional; fire 1000 back at them!
3. Address for retalitory attack should be Iran
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (08.21.15)
Allowing Iran trouble makers immunity by attacking their surrogates and not Iranian territory sends a message that Iran can strike with no threat to their homeland. Time to change that dynamic that has emboldened Iran. Israel should support rebels near Iran with missles and arms just like iran does on Israel's borders. There is not a shortage of Sunnis who hate Iran.
4. BB looks scared; target Mount Mezzeh
Joseph ,   Ft Lauderdale USA   (08.21.15)
If BB has any balls left, he should target Mount Mezzeh with HOWITZER. Assad does not fear Israel as much as he needs IRAN. Assad is not worth the cost of a missile.
5. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (08.21.15)
Suddenly when the Iran deal is going not the way Bibi and his warmongers expected Iran's Quds force started launching rockets at Israel ,...
6. Imagine if Iran had nukes! Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.21.15)
Given the terror Iran is inflicting without nukes, do we want to imagine the situation if Iran had nukes??? Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! Whatever it takes.
7. #5 Iran never stopped funding terror
Benji ,   US   (08.21.15)
The cowards use many proxies. And the traitors making this "deal" are fully aware they're making a deal with the devil. This is Obama's legacy.
8. Kareem
Chaim ,   USA   (08.22.15)
Kareem, you throw around the word colonialism as if you knew anything. You don't. In fact, there may be no one more colonial than arabs. Think about it. The arabs are from arabia and where are they now? Everywhere. They have even colonized Egypt an African nation for christ sake. Ooops, I ment allah's sake.
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