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Aliyah flight lands with 59 lone soldiers
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 21.08.15, 13:07
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1. And how many will stay?
2. Suckers, as usual.
I feel the need ... ,   making propaganda   (08.21.15)
3. Jewish jihadists
Sad, but true   (08.22.15)
Young people are so idealistic. They will perceive very soon how native Israelis are: selfish, arrogant, "gimme me money" , racists - to say a little. Your idealism will turn into disappointment and frustration. you are disposable. Israelis don't care about you.
4. All smiles and rosy outlouks now but
oliver ,   Eilat   (08.22.15)
All smiles and rosy outlooks now but wait until they discover Israeli beurocracy and the crap sallries they will get.Suckers in a few months you will wished you stayed
5. So much for Jewish loyalty and gratitude ,...
split ,   US   (08.23.15)
... a pathetic bunch of losers, born and educated in US serving in foreign army. US Armed Forces aren't good enough for them ,... Keep them!
6. You spelled my name wrong
Michael Salaverry ,   Kissufim Israel   (08.23.15)
Michael Salaverry son of Sari Friedman
7. Not all it's cracked up to be
Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.15)
I work in a consular section of an embassy and see the soldiers when they are ready to go home after the 3 years. Majority do not feel like they were properly taken care of. Fact.
8. Alyah trauma can be genetically transmitted
Ex oleh chadash ,   Brasil   (08.25.15)
Well... I think "Aliyah trauma can be genetically transmitted" as to say - so, be aware. I will educate my children into classic Reform or Naturei Karta. Both are not Zionist. Jewish communities around the world are plenty of people that tried to make alyah and gave up - like me. Young people are dreamers - I was like them at their age. Good luck.
9. To all the naysayers and others...STFU...
Al   (08.27.15)
Say what you want but stop pissing on these beautiful inspired kids. If you have a problem see a shrink. My kids who were born in Canada and whose father is no mooch, would never return to Canada. You know why? Because they want to succeed and they will and they are. In the meantime the biggest losers I have met in Canada are ex Israelis who left Israel with the attitude that someone owes them something. Best of luck to all the young beautiful olim. You will be very successful in Israel. You only have to want it.
10. Congratulations & Good Luck
keren tzafon ,   tzafon, Israel   (08.28.15)
Kol hakavod and welcome to the plane load of olim. Your next xuople of years will be rough. However, with the right attitude of gratitude to H-shem, Medinat Israel and the Israelis who have kept our homeland open for our return for 60 odd years you will make it here. We did. NBN July 2003
11. hundreds of doctors and educators for
bring your sponge.   (08.30.15)
cleaning dishes. Facts.
12. hatzlacha!
yechiel   (09.02.15)
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