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The 'king of Jerusalem' who almost burnt down Al Aqsa
Yaron Druckman
Published: 23.08.15, 00:04
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1. Jerusalem needs UnderGround Shelter and Missile Defence
Zika   (08.23.15)
Another Psychotic could arise in the next decade and Launch a Thrrmonuclear weapon on Jerusalem .A group that hates Jews Christians and Islamics and is really Pyschopathic Thermonuclear manias . It's a Armegeddon Scenario the Jews have to prepare for they have the Searing Memory .
2. you don't even have the correct mosque in the photo...
Rafi ,   US   (08.23.15)
3. Sarah Esther do you have a direct line to G-d?
G-d Her/Himself told you this? Careful old might end up in the same place as the Australian!
4. The Arabs did it as a provocation
Stan ,   Israel   (08.23.15)
Just as happens now, when there are Price Tag attacks, there were those who thought that the arson had been done by Arabs. See quote from article "........ Israeli police aired the possibility that the attack was perpetuated by a terrorist organization in an attempt to fan the flames against Israel. It is not really suprising that this "twisted logic" exists in Israel. Sixty two years ago Israel operated a cell of young Egyptian Jews who were supposed to cause explosions at American and British centers in Cairo for which Egypt would have been blamed.
5. Sadly, it did not burn down...
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.23.15)
... but I know for sure, a rocket from hamass or hezbolla will destroy the place for worshipping the devil. The devils influence is killing hundreds of thousands in Syria/Iraq/Northern Africa, and creating millions of islamic refugees to invade into civilized countries.. Islam is violent and spread by violence
6. Observations from a gentile
USA   (08.23.15)
The reason Jerusalem is of so much interest to the Muslims is because of Al Aqsa and the gold domed shrine. If not for these two structures providing visual focus, Jerusalem would not be so important to them. During war, important landmarks of the enemy are usually destroyed to show who is in charge. The best chance Israel had to destroy these two structures was during the 1967 war. There was a short period of time during the fog of war, one or both of the buildings should have been blown to smithereens into a pile of rubble. Chance missed. Ideally the shrine should have been destroyed, Al Aqsa remains, the 3rd Jewish Temple built on the location of the shrine.
7. It is time to tell the world that the supposed Temple Mount
Rivkah   (08.23.15)
is the remains of the Roman Fortress built from stones that were in the Jewish Temples that were located in the City of David which is called Zion in Scriptures, not in Jerusalem. It is the City of David where the Third Temple needs to be placed, not on a Roman Fortress next to a Muslim mosque. The City of David should belong to the Jews not to the Muslims and efforts to find the exact location of the Jewish Temple should be made although there is no stone left there from the Temple other than possibly foundation stones of the site.
8. #6 USA
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.23.15)
When the Temple Mount was liberated in 1967 it was found to be packed with thousands of tons of explosives and shells. If they had gone up the entire Old City would have been leveled. It took the IDF nearly two weeks to clear the munitions from the site working 24 hours a day.
9. Sadly he didn't succeed.....
History nut ,   Israel   (08.23.15)
But the cowards in 69 would have let the idolaters rebuild it. Should have been destroyed in 67.
10. Dear Observant Gentile...
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (08.23.15)
Thank you for your comments. As I understand from my reading of the New don't need the Temple Mount because according to all of the Christian Doctrines at the moment of Jesus death and resurrection the need for the Temple in Jerusalem ended. Therefore, may I kindly request that you but out ... we are perfectly capable of continuing to wait on the Mighty and Merciful G-d of Israel to decide when it is time for the 3rd Temple and when the Messiah will arrive. As a courtesy to you, I am sure that our leaders will be willing to ask him if this is the first or second time he's been here. In the meanwhile wishing you a lovely afternoon from Israel - home to G-d's stiff-necked people who can handle without the assistance of gentiles such as yourself.
11. shold have been dismantled and given to the saudis
jack bauer   (08.24.15)
they could have rebuilt it somewhere in their desert... it is not too late though. Imagine the trouble it would have saved during all these years.
12. @ # 4, Stan
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.24.15)
The logic of the theory was sound. Just last year, a group of Arabs burned a mosque in a northern Israeli Arab town for the same purpose. However, this incident was caused by a messianic nutcase, who was caught. Second, you're referring to the Lavon Affair, which was never sanctioned by the Israeli government. Do your homework before you post inaccuracies.
13. @ #6, USA
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.24.15)
The reason Jerusalem is "of so much interest to the Muslims" is that they consider it "Islamic Land" for eternity, and cannot accept anyone but Muslims controlling it. As #8 mentioned, the Dome of the Rock was filled with artillery shells and other munitions by Jordan at the time of the 6-Day War. This should indicate exactly how much they respected their own "holy site". One can rue the fact that it wasn't hit by a stray hand grenade or mortar shell.
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