Brazilian petition: Reject settler leader as ambassador
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.08.15, 10:40
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1. Power is rotting in Brazil
The current government of Brazil is rapidly rotting.The ruling party(PT) will,probably,be cut off from power very soon.
2. Only strong patriots should represent Israel!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.25.15)
Israelis consistently vote to be governed by patriots. The wishes of the vast majority must be respected. Only strong patriots should represent Israel at every level. Dayan is a great appointment.
3. Lets look ,who is trying to disturb process of trade ,science ,development
and who is keen to torpedo friendship - it is the drugs-clan-heads connected with their twinned muslim-drug co-clans...! - and in Brazil they do have one of their en-vogue dependances ,trying to intervene in EVERY space and field of brazilian living and society..!
4. simplistic, naive, stupid arguments. only a leftist can love
ralph   (08.25.15)
5. sympathize
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.25.15)
I can sympathize with those in Brazil, who dislike the idea of having a land thief among the diplomatic corps.
6. "The boys from Brazil"
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.26.15)
are Nazis who had escaped the WW11 judgments that would have hung them by the neck until pronounced dead. Now, they run the Brazilian government. Idiots. KEEP BUILDING WHILE BRAZIL LIMPS INTO OBSCURITY.!!
7. # 5 Hmm, and how do you describe your living in Israel?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.26.15)
Are you a thief or one who prefers living in free Israel? HYPOCRITE!!! Arabs living in Israel voted for Bibi and that should shut your mouth but, ignorance wants fans.. Other than terrorists pals are not fans their fools, violent losing pals.... MORE BUILDING !!
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