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Israelis develops app that detects ADHD
Sagi Cohen
Published: 26.08.15, 23:17
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1. What are the special "motor characteristics"?
Rafael Zeitlin ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.27.15)
This sounds absolutely genius. What are these "special motor characteristics" that separate them from the rest? And how does the basic neurotransmitter dysfunction cause different motor characteristics? On the other hand, this sounds as if this method can possibly detect only the hyperactive ones and not the attention deficit or impulsive ones. Almost all experienced educators and professionals, and most parents know quite easily if a kid is hyperactive, so I don't really know if the practical benifit of this software will make that much of a breakthrough.
2. adhd
Dr. Esther Silver ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.15)
Children with inattentive attention deficit disorder can be very fidgety and so this would detect those movements. If you observe ADD and ADHD individuals you see them shaking their feet, or drumming their hands, or writing in place on a chair, in constant tiny movements, not necessarily hyperactive.
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