White supremacist defends killings, says Jews must be stopped
Published: 28.08.15, 20:49
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1. Sweet Herpoc& other Israeli Lefties will maintain it's
ab   (08.28.15)
because of the "settlements"
2. The mighty weapon producers in US
Moshe ,   Israel   (08.29.15)
As long as no one can overcome them, the United States will continue to be afflicted with multiple murders, and every imbecile will be able to kill virtually everyone he dislikes or happens to be in the arena of shooting.
3. The banality of "Right to Carry Arms" have not sunk yet into
the gullible American psyche. Perhaps it never will. What's few hundred victims of mass shootings a year in such a vast nation, right? Right on Mr.Magnum!
4. # 2 Not just guns Moshe
your pals are some mighty accurate stone age stone throwers. And, ISIS beheads with knives... This all began with Cain and Abel.
5. # 4 You taught me something
Moshe ,   Israel   (08.30.15)
So far, I have not known that the stone throwers, the Palestinians, are my pals.
6. if only. this moron would be dead.
ralph   (08.30.15)
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