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Bar Refaeli reveals wedding dress
Yoni Froim
Published: 30.08.15, 14:26
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1. bitchy comment
UR   (08.30.15)
didn't serve in IDF so why should she pick an Israeli designer. hopefully this woman will lose her looks soon and we can all go on to discuss more interesting and important things.
2. who gives odds on length of marriage?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.30.15)
1 year? 1 1/2 year? 2 year? do I hear more? do I hear less?
3. Is it only me, but in this mad world of today this seems
beyond boring. Mazal Tov in any case (until the divorce, that is 110% sure to follow) At least she provides some diversion from the Bomb & our impotent politicians and Global Warming for the Dumb. I want to know the type of the stitches!
4. Adi can do much better
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (08.31.15)
Bar's been rode hard.... and put away wet.... multiple times.A true "alpha widow" . Only panicky fear keeps her from repeating the Mick Jagger show - not love and respect for Adi. Why is Adi such a low-self-esteem schlubnik? Get a hair transplant dude, you'll be catching 19-year old filipinits.
5. Another bride who wants to dress like a slut. Ycch.
Rivkah   (08.30.15)
6. comments not too pleasing
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (08.31.15)
Why are people so down on this woman? Just because she has good looks and women of her type are generally known to be unhappy in love and marriage? Not fair. I give the marriage a happy year and then downhill.
7. Overexposure....
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.31.15)
We got to see too much of the goods.. I was not impressed..
8. Well "reveal" is a well chosen word...
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (09.01.15)
After all, most of the world has already seen every other nook and cranny she could possibly show!
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