Soldier moderately wounded in West Bank arrest operation
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, Ahiya Raved
Published: 01.09.15, 09:42
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1. why complain?
erin   (09.01.15)
have we all forgotten Israel has the Mossad? They're so deep under cover, the U.S. can't even figure out who they are. Wait until they! show up.
2. israeli leaders responsible for loss of deterrence
MARK   (09.01.15)
bibi who was afrfaid to fire livni and lapid in person and who ran to a ceasefire before hamas, has harmed israel and jewiish deteerrence. The world has got to belive that the jews will bust some heads and israeli leadership begs, whine and cries. \nowithstanding it has 6 milliion plus backing a very powerful army when it is fully lunleashed and led by ariel sharon figures or raful eitan. Instead we have bibi with a lousy likud, afraid to tie his shoelac. He should never haver run for Pm as he doesnt't have the guts for it. \neither do herzog, livni, gal on, olmert. Bibi has no ability to recognize talent picking mofaz, and now hirsh, both unqulifified for the jobs. ISRAEL HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A PATHETIC WHINER WITH BIIBI AT THE HELM.
3. Hmm, seems to me
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (09.01.15)
the Israeli election and Bibi's huge historic win makes you more suspect than he. Bibi won the war, ( obama never won a war, he walks away from them.) obama's been Israel's # 1 enemy and Bibi the object of petty obama's rage and public insults from the start. Bibi isn't perfect but, Hillary Clinton, an obamas appointee is far worse. KEEP BUILDING
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