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Polish Jewish school timetable from 1941 found
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 01.09.15, 21:49
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1. dual curriculum??
david ,   new york   (09.02.15)
sounds a little unusual. - more like present day american orthodox schools, then i would have thought of polish schools. my dad was from poland and i believe he studied only religious subjects in the jewish school (and was forced to attend the polish public school part of the day, which he hated because of the virulent antisemitism)
2. "shem olam institute"
david ,   new york   (09.02.15)
on second look, the name of the school implies that this was no cheder. probably a much less religious place
3. Isn't it about time that Shem Olam opens their archives?!?
Somebody ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.15)
When scholars, students and the wide public will be able to search and questions this “institute” archive, maybe more could be said.
4. On one hand
ky   (09.03.15)
with such a curriculum how could the young people be aware of the world around them. On the other perhaps they were better off.
5. answer for Nial Coneely
solomon marks ,   usa   (09.04.15)
The curriculum is written Hebrew and Polish. Hope this helps.
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