Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
A tsunami warning for Europe
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 04.09.15, 11:00
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1. What we learn from TV
I have seen on TV like one guy moves under the fence in Hungary (he was the first one). This dude was DEFINITELY professional soldier. He had only 5-6 inches to go. He will kill many folks in EU before they catch him. These guys have about 8-10 years salary on the head and smart phones.
2. They run for their lifes
Anonymous ,   TA   (09.04.15)
...and Israel's gates remain closed. Not helping refugees, and critizing/commenting - is by far the easiest one can do. It's just not very noble, especially when 80 years ago Jews were in need of help. But that's so typical for opportunist par excellence Israel: if we don't benefit, we don't care.
3. As long as it is bad the EU deserves
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.04.15)
what it gets
4. A tsunami warning for Europe
Mat ,   Uk   (09.04.15)
Could be most arab countries don't take these refugees that if most of these refugees will go to Europe in future they will take Europe completely Arabs have plenty of land and money but they don't help their Muslims brothers or other disasters in the world. The human rights doing the job for them
5. Nice total lack of compassion you got there, Yemini
Ktoto ,   Israel   (09.04.15)
6. Took 70+years, but the revenge on the Europeans is sweet!
7. wait longer........
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (09.04.15)
Wait till they all settle down and get their graceful citizenship then their turn to set the termsssss! "You kafir is insulting our religious right" "We are no more Arabs but European MUSLIMS". Good luck EU for cursing Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Handwriting is on the wall.
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (09.04.15)
In the future the name of the European continent will change from its present name to Eurabia. It's coming. France, Germany, and England will bare the brunt of the new demographics. Poverty, wars, and climate change, will dictate the new realities of a dying continent.
9. Re Arab Refugees
marty ,   toronto canada   (09.04.15)
Canadian media have gone into overdrive whining on how Canada has to open the refugee floodgates. Not one word here in the media about the Arab world doing nothing to help their peers. How many refugees has Saudi Arabia taken in? Where's the emergency meeting of the Arab League? Here's a suggestion - have the UN refocus UNRWA. After 60 years worth of aid it's time the Palestinians stood on their own two feet. UNRWA should now concentrate on Syrian refugees.
10. Integration and Radicalization
Guruprasad ,   Bengaluru, India   (09.04.15)
It is true that Islam forces radicalization and leaves no scope for integration. Due to its narrow approach even if someone tries to look forward for a debate on development, tyrants terrorize such people. It is sorry state but it is a global mayhem.
11. Live Behind Fence or Hide Like Castle
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.04.15)
HUGE difference between building a fence on one's own border then living behind it, and building a fence extending one's border then hiding behind it while occupying millions of indigenous people well beyond ur already extended fence. Sadly, this non-Judaic behviour is enabled by our USA for @50 years and continuing, even accelerated using other peoples resource$ like American taxpayers ...
12. the right analysis
london   (09.04.15)
at last a refreshing article in ynet, a rare correct analysis.
13. The immigrant inundation of Europe
Helen Elnekave ,   West Hartford, CT   (09.04.15)
Jean Raspail predicted this in the 1970s in his frightening novel "Camp of the Saints." It should be required reading for all!
14. cowards
eddiE ,   sa   (09.04.15)
I have seen dozens of photos over the years showing refugees. The photos I have seen always depict lines or masses of women and children, old men and old women and bandaged folk. This indicates that the young men are fighting for the freedom at home for the refugees to return to... This is the first time I have the complete opposite of the above----men leaving their women children and old to be slaughtered back home... These me are predominately under 35 years old and should be fighting for their cause at home. But they are too scared. Cowards.
15. Send refugees to Islamic countries
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (09.04.15)
Islam is incompatible with western culture, and western religions. There are 57 countries in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. There are 23 countries in the Arab League. Surely some of them could take these people and they'd fit in better. Why is Europe expected to take them and add the the already problematic situation with the Muslim minority there?
16. Paradox situation
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (09.04.15)
Paradox in two ways: 1. Europe pay for past history and for their anti-semitic attitude manifested by anti- Israel policy and now to ask from Israel for consulting in fence building!??? 2. Islamist which in both way contradict their secular government in Middle East or secular/religious warfare against West in Europe come under question: Why they don't flee to reach Muslim country ? Same Palestinian pattern from pre 1948.
17. 100,000+ enter Germany in the month of August alone
Cameron ,   USA   (09.04.15)
Staggering numbers. What nation can bear up under that kind of endless flood? Wind up literally buried alive. Now states like Poland & Slovakia have completely shut the door, and wisely so.
18. ominous
Cameron ,   USA   (09.04.15)
Europe, do you see the peril? These 3rd-World stinkers will overwhelm & utterly ruin your reality unless you truly shut the gates. Compassion be damned. Save yourselves, and your future.
19. # 2 & 5 It is easy to slander
Moshe ,   Israel   (09.04.15)
Without presenting the reason for certain conduct. As the polls in Germany, France and UK have found, most people there think that the Muslim refugees are a menace to their culture, and several east-European countries have stated they will not allow them in. And these migrants are not hostile to Christians as they are to Jews. Israel has also the right to keep its Jewish identity, and not commit cultural, and probably physical, suicide.
20. Crucial Difference
Albrecht ,   EU   (09.04.15)
Europeans have not stolen these people their land. And sofar the fence was build in Bulgaria and Hungary.
21. #3
Thessalonian ,   Canada   (09.04.15)
Spoken as a true hater would. It is talk like this that generates anti-Semitism all over the world. You ought to be ashamed...
22. # 20 Sorry, but
Moshe ,   Israel   (09.05.15)
Repeating a lie several times, as I have seen it in some similar talkbacks, doesn't make it true.
23. # 9 re Arab refugees....
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (09.05.15)
the pattern of Arabs muslims & non Arab muslims by DNA or by religious DNA. That is what they are in values for political/religious objective, the ends justified the means! Jew & Arab they are from one family of Abraham yet they want to wipe the JEWISH race off the map of this world! All the Arab nations & muslims world maintain a no solution situation for the way out for both Jews & Arabs (Palestinians) in the M/E Israel! Bangladeshi muslim ethnic group living in Burma some for century some for few decades calling themselves Rohinge are rejected by all, worse of all by their own islamic nations and muslim brothers! They sell no solution for all mankind. Sadly the world nerves is fraying out.
24. I was waiting for an article like this
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto   (09.05.15)
on YNet... #2 Anonymous in T.A. you are such a moron. Where was the World outrage when Jews fleeing nazi Germany were refused entrance to Canada by the then ass-hole PM Lester Pearson? Were was the World outrage when a boat full of Jewish refugees from Europe fleeing nazi Germany was turned back to Europe? And these refugees were only a drop compared to the thousands of Muslim that are flooding Europe now (it serves them right!) What goes around, comes around. And #2 anonymous, Israel has more than enough to do, trying to fend attacks and conflicts from every directions it looks. So back off piece of s--t.
25. This article says it all
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.06.15)
26. Send refugees to Islamic countries
Baruch   (09.06.15)
Islam is incompatible with western culture, and western religions. There are 57 countries in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. There are 23 countries in the Arab League. Surely some of them could take these people and they'd fit in better. Why is Europe expected to take them and add the the already problematic situation with the Muslim minority there?
27. #23
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (09.07.15)
"Religious DNA"? Surely you are joking and my ironymeter exploded?
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