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Our woman in Beirut
Amira Lam
Published: 06.09.15, 00:04
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1. ThankU Madam for what you have done for the Jewish People
Alan ,   SA   (09.06.15)
2. Woman in Beirut
Chana Sarah ,   Israel   (09.06.15)
Well written, and intriguing, incredible story of a brave woman Israeli agent, Thank you
3. Your story
Arnold ,   Loma Linda, U.S.A.   (09.06.15)
What a compelling story. G-d bless you for your work. I can only envy you.
4. Great article
Judah ,   Golan Heights,Israel   (09.06.15)
A very brave woman and Israeli hero Ynet, is not better to print interesting articles like this then your articles constantly attacking Bibi???
5. A riveting story of an Israeli hero!
Carl ,   USA   (09.06.15)
Can't wait to buy the book. What a heroic woman who performed such a valuable service for so many years, expecting no recognition or credit.
6. Yael, symbol of the soul of the Jewish nation
C   (09.06.15)
throughout our existence, the jewish nation has produced individuals beyond and above exceptional. these individuals combine idealism, courage, creativity and love of that mystical people, the jewish people. these individuals work in the shadows, risk their lives and give up family and friends for the singular cause of ensuring the continued existence of the sovereign jewish state of israel and the principles upon which she was founded. yael is just such a person. may ha'shem bless her and all those she loves. she is our pride as are all the others who remain ananymous and continue to risk their lives so that lesser people can have the freedom to speak and collude against the jewish state.
7. The Palestinian Arab present is based on fantasies
Bill ,   USA   (09.06.15)
Yet, the Arabs who claim to be Palestinian can be admired and should be admired. They have fooled the whole world through their never-ending trick that somehow they are disenfranchised by Jews when it is the other way around. It is NOT Jews who occupy the foreign land but Arabs who occupy the Jewish land of Israel. After all 75% of Jordanians claim the Palestinian Arab origin. They took over 20% of Israel, 100% of Gaza which was historically Jewish and a good chunk of Judea and Samaria. Yet, they are not satisfied with it. They want more! Mainly they want confiscate from Jews what Jews have created and produced to become the big shots in the Middle East.
8. Lady, you will not be anonymous forever
Dave ,   USA   (09.06.15)
We Jews have a long memory. You will be remembered as one of the greatest. Thank you.
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