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Israel's Muslim soccer captain: Hatikvah makes me uncomfortable
Nadav Zenziper
Published: 07.09.15, 13:39
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1. "Uneasy"? Simple: go away & sing Marseillaise for all I care
2. 1864: Russia purged the Circassians
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (09.07.15)
2015: Ungrateful child Nathko disrespects Eretz Yisrael, a democracy that has offered him a productive life. Return to Russia, fool, and sing their national anthem on your way to iberia.
3. Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (09.07.15)
Singing "Hatikvah" makes you uneasy then go back to your Circassian Russian roots and sing your beloved anthem.
4. National Anthem
Zyx ,   US   (09.07.15)
If he doesn't like Hatikvah, he should go back to Circassia. Being part of a nation means sharing its symbols and acccepting its history. A national anthem reflects the soul of a country not its "diversity".
Marian ,   Romania   (09.07.15)
Back in Russia , he will soon become a Russian, thancks to Russian Girls
6. Natcho
John ,   London   (09.07.15)
He is a citizen of the state of israel and represents his country. To stand and not sing shows lack of respect! Why even play for the national team...go play somewhere else scumbag!
7. Don't mind being on the Israeli Team
Rivkah ,   Israel   (09.07.15)
And the perks that go with it!
8. If he could at least hum the tune whilst they play Hatikvah
Alan ,   SA   (09.07.15)
9. are free to leave at anytime.
Al   (09.07.15)
Ingrates we have plenty of.
10. Then don't sing, 25% hate the country like the benefits
Rejy   (09.07.15)
11. Hatikava make me uncomortable, I'm Jewish
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.15)
Every time I here HaTivak, I feel uncomfortable. I think of the six million who died in the concentration camps, I think of the thousands of brave Jews who died to secure my home land of Israel, I think of the various nations of the world who think we Jews are the enemies. I, a Jew, too, feel uncomfortable but it is because my emotions tell me what Israel means to us Jews and where we would be with out it. To me, HaTikvah is the hope of us Jews. It my emotional response to coming to my homeland and building a new life. If others hate it; they hate it since they really hate me, a nameless Jew who they wish to kill.
12. Benjamin Rodkin is correct
the French version of O'Canada is quite different than the English version. It does mention the cross (Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,Il sait porter la croix).
13. At Least You Are Honest
Tova ,   Canada   (09.08.15)
At least your honest about what you have said in the article. There are Jews who are also uncomfortable with signing Hatikvah. Be Real. Not all Jews automatically have a love for Israel. Just like not all citizens of whatever country they come from love their country.
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