Arab schools call for 'educational intifada'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 07.09.15, 17:33
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1. Education is not a business...
Need money ---- is what this article says? .But for what. ":headmaster of a Christian school in Shefa-'Amr--- "'primary schools in the sector were "receiving a very small budget compared to state schools and ultra-Orthodox schools": What does this mean?????? I could guess the pain** !!!! the school business is not so money making!!!. Another tear goes like this---- "we could either become a school for rich people only, and have every parent pay 15-20,000 shekels a year, or we close our schools down. Customers in these region can't afford so please government take the financial burden. Please notice Christian and Arab education systems should not be in prime line in Israeli education policy. Democratic, Anthroposophic or any other non - race propagandist -schools need to be promoted and their budget needs to be taken care with much priority. Better find another innovation!!!! not education..
2. Summa Cum Laude
tiki ,   belgium   (09.07.15)
Protesting! The second subject in which Arabs excel. The first one is terror! As they only use half their study time for studying they need only half the money.
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