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Israel's 'Startup Nation' pavilion to be shut 3 out of 5 days of int'l exhibition
Billy Frenkel
Published: 08.09.15, 09:37
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1. Ridiculous. Seperate state from religion
Miri ,   Rannana   (09.08.15)
Why are those running the booth religious? Just another excuse to force religion on people. More stupid advice from Deri the ex con. Israel is a democratic country and not a country run according to religious war, I suggest Deri looks up the meaning of democracy and while he's at it look up the text "thou shalt not steal"
2. The time has come
Raptor   (09.08.15)
to shut Deri down.
3. See what I mean by "Tehran on HaYarkon"?!
4. Start Up Nation LMAO!
5. "True face" of "Startup Nation": A Moroccan felon
Ktoto ,   Israel   (09.08.15)
6. Watch what happens....
Joe ,   London, UK   (09.08.15)
to the exhibitors of this show. I am sure that by closing on these 3 days, they will bring in more business in the 2 days that they are open than they can ever imagine, and be blessed for 5776. Watch and let them report back.... Shana Tova!
7. Come back to the middle age
Eric ,   Paris France   (09.08.15)
If we don t understand the revolution of the secularisation of society and the real freedom based upon separation of The law of state and the religious law we have understand nothing and we will go back to the middle age if you give political power to the religious be Forget start up iron dome and all this Pray god and prepare the next selfshoah
8. Deri: start up is finish down.
Jooo   (09.08.15)
9. Dont cave in to religious coercion
Jeri ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.15)
Sorry But Deri is Persona non grata he became that when he stole our tax money to line his own pockets and served in jail.
10. I am happy to live in a city where religion doesn't prevail
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (09.08.15)
No religious regulation should be imposed in the most liberal city of the EU.
11. Deri, the convicted criminal who served time in prison.
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.08.15)
He has no 'high ground' to tell anyone what to do. That he's even in the government makes me want to vomit. So much for the 'best and brightest' in Israel! Every one of the companies at the show should decide for themselves. The government has no place in such a decision. And Deri should resign, he's not fit to lead anything.
12. Paralisis. Israel Export Institute can close down.
-taxpayerstrike   (09.08.15)
This will lead to the separation of private business from State. Tax payers can go on strike.
13. Come Moshiach! Save us from Judaism!
-mosiach   (09.08.15)
Reuven ,   Petach Tikvah   (09.08.15)
company that I was associated with had an exhibition stand at an international fair in Cologne in Germany. All the directors, and myself, were 'shomrei Shabbat' and the stand was closed on Shabbat and early on Friday afternoon. A notice was put on the stand to say that because of the Jewish Sabbath the stand would not be operating, but we would be happy to meet any interested buyers on the Sunday and Monday of the fair. On the Sunday and Monday of the fair the stand was inundated with interested buyer. That year the company took more orders than any previous exhibition that the company had participated in Cologne in the past. Many of the buyers - not Jewish - commented how impressed they were that we respected our sabbath even at the risk of losing business. We have never suffered by observing Shabbat and kashrut - we have gained spiritually and financially. Shana Tova to all.
15. Shana Tova
Iletzter ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.15)
Joe, I agree with you and hope that the facts will bore your truth , and the talkbacks will hang their head in shame.
16. Separate state from religion
Iletzter ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.15)
There is no way to do this. The State has it legitimacy as the Jewish Nation with Jewish values and beliefs and if you do not want any part of it , that's OK. If you want live as goy - there is no issue with that. If some start ups want to have their own booth , and keep it open on Sabbath or Yom Kipur , no one will say a word, however the State as being a Jewish State cannot. For the same reason that El Al doesn't fly on Shabaat. American Airlines , can but not El Al, and by the way , El Al didn't go out of business.
Mighty Jew Young ,   America is beautiful   (09.08.15)
THE ANIMALS ARE RUNNING THE ZOO, THE CRAZIES ARE RUNNING THE MENTAL INSTITUTIONS, DERYAIRE IS RUNNING A CULTURAL EXHIBIT...ABSOLUTLY POSITIVELY BACKWARDS. Bring back freedom and democracy to Israel before the dog wagging 10% MINORITY of zealots completely enslave the majority of Israel and the rest of the world spits on the heredi greedies....end the superstitious nonsense of the mysterious unbreakable shabbath "rules", free the country that is the only democracy in the hell with the ultra rules and heredi childish backwards nonsense
18. he is his own deryaire,an ass for all seasons.
Jewish Atheist ,   America is beautiful   (09.08.15)
kiss deryaire goodbye---the wrong jew in the wrong place- the last thing the Israeli people need is a crazed glassy eyed heredi demon robot/parrot, to turn back history 300 years., putting this zealot in charge of the economy which in Israel is a sociological institution is one mighty international step backwards.... This guy is a curse on freedom.
19. Deri, Again
yaakov ,   TA   (09.08.15)
Netanyahu must get rid of this jailbird who has caused immense damage to the Israeli economy in the short time he is back in power. First the gas field fiasco and now his secret boss in Tehran???
Jewish Atheist ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (09.08.15)
WHERE'S OUR DEMOCRACY? WHERE'S OUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE? I don't need this religious crud, these superstitious mumblings of frightened old women and ignorant impotent men afraid of those make believe men in the sky watching their very paranoid psychotic crummy meager lives. I intend to live a 7 day week not your man made 6 day week. It's my choice NOT TO BELIEVE in your childish guilt games. Keep your tail wagging the dog out of all our FREE TO CHOOSE governing! Keep those perpetually raging religio's "church's" separated from the free state. Don't let these ultra morons rule/ruin your life...fight fight fight for the right to be a free thinker. TO BE A GOOD JEW, believe in your beliefs. TO BE A GREAT JEW, just believe it as I do. But keep it to yourself please.
21. What start-up nation?
split   (09.09.15)
Google, "Israel, Startup Nation? Not Anymore, Says Google Study" Study says main problem is low productivity rate compared with OECD countries.
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