US blacklists top Hamas, Hezbollah operatives
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.09.15, 21:11
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1. enough of grovelling
milt   (09.08.15)
israael can take care of itself with an offensive plan, no resstricitons on the idf and an asymmetric ' dirty campaign' which is how you do it in the middle east or you are dead. Bibi should stop with the kerry phone calls seeking extra US assurances which other than some money and arms is worthless. Bibi acts like herzog, begging the US to please help poor israeli. Enough of this horsecrap .
2. run and makeup with the US because they protect poor israel
mark   (09.08.15)
look at the lineup of those attacking bibi for critiqing the iran deal and not much else: Lapid never served in combat and who wants hamastan in judea. Livni who minded apartments in Paris and who views arabs as peace and love partners. Herzog-who wants to admit syrian refugees some of whom on entering europe are sayig-**ck you eurooe, germany is ours, throwing excrement at citizens, and stealing cars from old ladies. If there were an offense in the criminal code for advocating self destructive policies, herzog would spend the rest of his life behind bars. Israel would not exist today if lapid livni and herzog were the leaders back in 48. Livni is a disgrace, lapid is an olmert protege whose fahter advocated the gaza withdrawal to sharon. Herzog's brother no doubt is ashamed of him.
3. "prevent spread of Iranian-backed terrorism"
Avi L.   (09.08.15)
"prevent spread of Iranian-backed terrorism " ... right that's why Obama signed that infamous treaty
4. Massa Obama: me so grateful!!!!
5. Obama regime playing games
c   (09.08.15)
no rational human being would be fooled into believing that blacklisting a few terrorists would be compensation for the iran capitulation deal. nor would this blacklisting stop the expansion of iran and hezbollah in syria and lebanon. the obama regime and the us democratic party have set up israel for a mortal threat from iran, hezbollah and their patron russia.
6. Russia has defeated the US without firing a single shot
C   (09.08.15)
when obama became president, the us was the most powerful country in the world. today, the us has become a wimpy country with a wimpy president. this sitation will not be reversed for decades to come.
7. Contrary this shows lack of support from the US
Someone   (09.09.15)
The fact that these terrorists were not on the list already for years shows how the USA ignores terrorism against Israel, The State Department has a history of anti Israel activities.
8. Absurd State Dept. Statement
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (09.09.15)
The absurdity of the statement is in what is missing.Why is Mashal and Haniyeh not included.Hamas is a designated terrorist organisation and by definition its leaders should be designated terrorists.Is the US State Department now trying to say that the leaders of Hamas are not terrorists?
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