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Poll: 70% of European Jews conceal their religion
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 11.09.15, 17:25
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1. Absolute proof its time to come home!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.11.15)
When Jews need to hide their identify for their safety, this is absolute proof its time to come home! Lets not kid ourselves. The same thing will happen in the U.S. within 20 years.
2. Cry me a river...I have zero empathy for the Jews of Europe
Al   (09.11.15)
The writing is on the wall...The evidence is clear as day and yet they refuse to see the obvious. Listen are dumb as rocks and when the S** will hit the fan you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Grow a brain, get the hell out of there and live to see your kids live in freedom. You have no future whatsoever in Europe.
3. Europe-the land of tolerance
Sidney ,   California   (09.11.15)
More Jews hide their identity than in the days of the Czars. European Jews must be getting dumber, they don't know when it is time to get out.
4. Why there are still jews in europe?
Vladim ,   Finland   (09.11.15)
Europe is a sinking ship. EU is using debt money to keep utopia alive and Merkel said they could take 500000 syrian muslims a year. Better make aliyah while airports work and borders are open. Just my thoughts.
5. 80% of Israelis hide their religion
Paul ,   France   (09.11.15)
6. #1:I could enter a bet with you Sir, whether it won't happen
sooner. On the other hand: it may not come to that. Depends on the rate of "brownisation" of the US populace & swarming it with "refugees/immigrants" that inevitably will make the loonie Democrats impossible to beat. All our "schadenfreude" does not take one thing into account: both the diseased Eurabia & United States of Allah will be forces our tiny Israel will have to deal with, no?
7. Synagogue attendance not reliable indicator of assimilation
UR   (09.12.15)
The research parameters are not subtle enough and rely too much on synagogue membership/attendance as accurate indicators when these are nothing of the sort. Cultural Judaism is just not factored in sufficiently into this research. It's been years since I attended synagogue but I am very much Jewish (albeit that I have sometimes taken advantage of people's ignorant assumptions about me based on my appearance, either to avoid physical confrontation or abuse regularly meted out to people who are more evidently identifiable as Jewish; or to find out what people really think about Jews which they might otherwise filter out if they thought their words were actually, as they were, being heard by a Jew)
8. Guess I should do that in the USA, too, but I wear a
Rivkah   (09.17.15)
Yod-He-Vav-He Hebrew letter name necklace and the same holy name on rings on both hands, Kotel rings so that if someone attacks, I can get some DNA of blood on the ring from the attacker. But the attack last week took another form. A car was being painted at Maaco and the Muslim employee father of the Muslim owner of the Maaco messed with the battery so that it would not start when I went to pick it up. The Muslim owner started it with a battery charger. So I drove it to a mechanic who has worked on it extensively and started the car with the hood up with him watching and arcs and sparks and fire was coming forth from the battery from the sabotage. The metal part on the negative charge of the battery was replaced with an old one with the threads growned out. The old Muslim geezer was trying to get my car on fire. There were other problems, too, like all the hasp locks didn't work on the doors and hood and trunk after going there. And some parts inside the car were missing. So there are attacks on Messianic Jews and Jews in the USA, too. Don't go to Maaco if there are Muslims working there is my advice.
9. not concealing anything
iselin ,   oslo   (09.18.15)
Most American Jews dress normally, just like everyone else in the country. It has nothing to do with hiding anything. Religion is a private matter and should stay that way.
10. Decline in public showing Judaism
Lawrence Dickerson ,   Bremerton,USA   (09.19.15)
Those figures of 75% -85% of the European Jews not showing their religion are in standing with the reported numbers of secular Jews so isn't this article showing a bias?
11. Maaco
SteveHC   (11.24.15)
#8 (Rivka) - SUE THEM.
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