Ya'alon: We know who was behind Duma attack
Yoav Zitun, Moran Azulay, Elior Levy
Published: 10.09.15, 20:28
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1. Yaaylon has shown himself to be an idiot...
Al   (09.10.15)
Nuuf said...Israel is in deep trouble with the obvious poor leadership so evident in almost every sphere of public life. I would have expected better from a former COS but quite frankly Israeli leadership has been lacking for the past 48 years. The only PM every to have shown to have a brain was Levi Eskhkol.
2. To #1, Al
Gabe ,   Canada   (09.11.15)
Hold your horses Al, if you are assuming that the arsonists were Jewish. Patience.
3. I am not making a comment on Yaalon's failure
George Nolan ,   Vancouver, Canada   (09.11.15)
there is more important to that : The black stain on Israel for murdering this innocent family and the culprits still running free. This is a shame and a disgrace. No one has the right to take out a life, my heart cries for those innocent ,innocent , innocent children and parents who were murdered during their sleep. This crime is a total cowardly act from the criminals who should be sentenced to die the same way.
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