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From disposable asset to national hero: The full Pollard spy saga
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 14.09.15, 00:42
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1. Selling out your country for money
Raptor   (09.14.15)
is a most despicable crime, it is treason, not for ideology but for money. A hero he is not, he should not be portrayed as one, he was a greedy opportunist who was prepared to sell to the devil if necessary to turn a buck, for drugs and the good life. He should be ashamed, more so his activators in Israel, they should hang their heads low. This is a dark episode in our history.
2. The full fink penalty has been applied
Cameron ,   USA   (09.14.15)
Let others tempted to break their oath of loyalty & obedience mark his fate.
3. Hatchet job, part of the release deal?
AK   (09.14.15)
very handy story. Apparently the U.S. government had no problem giving all that secret information to this journalist, but Pollard is to be quiet and not allowed to dispute any of it. How convenient. Why isn't he allowed to leave the U.S.? After 30 years all information he once had access to is terribly dated and can pose no danger to US intelligence services.
4. Asymmetrical spying
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (09.14.15)
"’re a state that depends on our aid. There can’t be equal treatment. You don’t need a lot of imagination to figure out how Israel would have acted if it found out an Israeli had been recruited by American intelligence." That's exactly the way it played out... Google 'Yosef Amit'.
5. Pollard is a pig, swine and traitor in USA
American Vet   (09.14.15)
a hero in israel. Shared values? It is NOT an American value to screw your allies. How much did isreal make selling American secrets to USSR and China?
6. sympathy
JewishHeart ,   Israel   (09.14.15)
Pollard would have more of my sympathy if he spied only for Israel and without payment. He did not spy for Israel, but for cocaine, Anne's diamond ring, and worst of all- China. He endangered both US and Israeli security by selling documents to China and South Africa.... time to leave his butt in jail.
7. Pollard
Jules   (09.15.15)
Leave him in jail for the rest of his life. A good for nothing. I DID IT FOR MONEY. I am fed up having him the subject of the day (almost every day). Basta!!!!!!!!
8. good article on a sorid, ugly chapter of Israel's history
Rafi ,   US   (09.16.15)
9. To #5
Another American Vet   (09.16.15)
People here in the U.S. cherry-pick their traitors and enemies. You picked Pollard and I pick the rampaging conspiracy theorists in this country.
10. The article states very clearly, money did not motivate him.
Anthony Fallon ,   Manchester UK   (09.16.15)
His Israeli handlers insisted on offering him remuneration because, from their experience , salaried spies are more professional and reliable. His 30 year sentence is an absolute disgrsce. Pollard has been treated as a patsy (disposable goods) by successive US and Israeli administrations in order to protect the so called 'special relationship' which has always been largely one-sided.
11. Response to #3 (Hatchet job)
John R ,   USA   (09.17.15)
How do you explain why Pollard pled guilty under a plea deal ( for a minimum of 20years) which also included his wife's incarceration? Why would several US security officials threaten to resign when Clinton discussed this issue in the 1st Netanyahu term? Part of the release deal was placating the Israeli US lobby after the Iran deal. Pollard is drug ridden amoral purveyor of classified information to the highest bidder, period.
12. Mistake by US
oliver ,   Eilat   (09.18.15)
A big mistake was made by the US by not imposing the death sentance on Pollard like what should be done to all traitors.
13. excellent article, but missing one fact
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (09.21.15)
Pollard was and still is a mental case. The US screwed up in hiring him and giving him such high clearance. Pollard was a drug taking neurotic that the US security missed in their 'investigation' of him. Not that this fact makes less of his giving over state secrets, but it is true.
14. 12
Zionist forever   (09.22.15)
The U.S. Doesn't give the death penalty to all traitors. Aldrich Ames who spied for the Soviets for money for about 20 years costing the lives of números US agents and lots more he got a jail sentence. Pollard at least was spying for a friendly country and the only information that interested Israel was the stuff that directly affected its own national security.
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