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What the Third Lebanon War will look like
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 13.09.15, 00:02
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1. take out the trash
mo   (09.13.15)
2. Tunnels
Fred Willis ,   Chicago USA   (09.13.15)
There is no mention of Hezbollah tunnels. Which are likely to be decisive in any future war. Ignoring them won't make them go away.
3. probably the less said about this, the better
Rafi ,   US   (09.13.15)
4. danger to israel
mark   (09.13.15)
more than even hezbollah, livni is a great danger to israel than nasrollah with her continuing offers to hand over the jordan valley to abbas and to totally depend on the US and ' moderate' arab state as if saudi wisdom and agreement would be good for israel. Livni essentially advocates israel give up some of its soverignty so that it can survive in the middle east. Instead the opposite would occur and israel would be subjected to endless pressures and disputes if she gives up absolute control of defensible borders and independence and that includes misguided call for long term leasing arrangements. forget about it. It need soveriegn control and nothing less. Livni is as bad as olmert was, weak, insecure, extremely dumb. Hiding behind her law degree as if that confers a special skill, it appears that law schools that produce livni, olmert, herzog, ramon ought to inject some reality courses in their curriculum because they have graduated too many practical morons an delusional theoreticians. Livni is a pathetic Mk. Israelis should look in the mirror and ask themselves-- how they could vote for such a person. She talks rubbish period. and israelis - you look at the bloody evidence. She would have given away the golan if it were up to her!!!!
5. The biggest difference will be
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.14.15)
That the next Lebanese War will be MULTI DIMENSIONAL Hezbollah will need to fight more than just Israel First There are prices to pay for the lives of thousands of Sunnis they have killed in Syria Second The MAJORITY of Lebanese want South Lebanon BACK from the de facto Hezbollah/Iran annexation and will use the opportunity of an Isarel-Hezbollah War to claim South Lebanon back for good No country in the world would tolerate a Terrorist Group sponsored by a Foreign Country taking over half of it territory and making it a no go zone and a military base to launch Iranian aggression and then for Lebanon to suffer the whirlwind and the desperate consequences
6. Hezbollah is Iran's deterrant
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (09.13.15)
If the miscalculating Nasrallah causes a war with Lebanon ,Hezbollah ,Lebanon and Iran's deterrent will be destroyed.Lebanon,Hezbollah,Assad and Iran will be the big loosers. .Nasrallah better watchout,one miscalculation is enough.
7. Just WIN like the WW Allies. Retake Security Zone forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.14.15)
Does the IDF need to go to war into South Lebanon again and again and again and again and again... Stop the lunacy. This time do whatever it takes to win permanently. Like the WW II Allies did. Retake our South Lebanon Security Zone forever!
8. Lebanon Wars
Stanley Heller ,   CT USA   (09.17.15)
Perhaps before planning new mayhem you might reflect back on past Lebanon wars, Sabra-Shatila massacre exactly 33 years ago this week, 700-3,000 civilians killed. Or the million cluster bombs left in 2007. Or the Qana massacres 1 and 2. If there was the least regret or repentance perhaps you could work out something with the Lebanese, Palestinians and others
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