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Challenges and opportunities: Israel in the new year
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.09.15, 00:01
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1. Jewish State strengthen the Miracle
Zechariah   (09.16.15)
The Miracle of a Jewish State with its own capacity and superpower support has to be strengthened in all areas security and humanitarian consciousness . The Sicarri the Jews have to islolateand neutralise then and the El Husseinis the Jews have to to obtain Justice against . The Jews can never forget or forgive the El Husseinis Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who discussed the Jews Genocide with Nazism i.
2. mr itamar
frank sol ,   san diego   (09.16.15)
your insolence is paramount.
3. No need to fight "Palestine". Just let it fall!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.15)
Israel has no need to fight with fictional "Palestine". Simply end the mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, materials, work permits etc. that keep the abomination afloat. Let it fall!
4. Someone is slandering Israel?
erin ,   USA   (09.16.15)
I say, if someone is slandering Israel, then send them to speak to me- I will be happy to talk with them. Every one of them- -----And I will say this: there is coming a day when these conversations will no longer be a conversation, and I am looking forward to that day. I am confident of Israel's future- and I know that day, these conversations will no longer exist.
5. Vatican can fly his flag in the UN, not in Jerusalem
Prime Minister Netanyahu & Culture Minister Miri Regev should propose a parliamentary debate to vote against flying the Vatican flag in Jerusalem.
6. Interesting
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.15)
But does Netanyahu understand the ramifications of all these issues? Or will he just continue banging his head against the metaphorical wall and taking us all along with him?
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