Abbas' 'bombshell' UN speech
Elior Levy
Published: 17.09.15, 11:46
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FO ,   Belgium   (09.17.15)
The answer of the Israeli "filthy feet" as Abbas calls them, should be a thunder in a blue sky: ARTICLE 80 OF THE UNITED NATIONS' CHARTER". This Article can declare NILL AND VOID all UNGA and UNSC resolutions and decisions regarding the so-called Palestinian people or state, and reaffirms Jewish-Israeli exclusive rights on the territory between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights. (The League of Nations' Mandate, 1922, valid in International Law till this very day!)
2. Abbas the trailblazer of modern islamic antisemitism
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (09.17.15)
Dr. Mahmud Abbas is the actual trailblazer of the modern Islamic anti-Semitism. He hates Israel and Jews. That's why the NIF, B'tselem, Braking the Silence and the Jewish Palestinian Lobby adore him.
3. Bullship
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (09.17.15)
Sorry, but there were tons of Islamic states and Christian states before there was a Jewish state. So the ISIS argument doesn't draw any water. Dismantle all the Islamic republics and Christian states and then there will be no need for a Jewish state. Also, make up your minds on whether Judaism is a race, nation, or a religion. A few days ago Yeni Akit (a Turkish propaganda paper) claimed Turkey was not only at war with the PKK, but with the English, Germans, French, and Jews. If Muslims have no problem considering Jews as just another nationality, than a Jewish state is no big deal. If it is a problem that the Jewish nation has a nation state, than time to get rid of all those Arab and Turkish republics. To the Muslim and broader world: Please make up your minds about the as to what the Jews. Then come to the table to talk. All these conflicting arguments show you have understanding of what you want while showing that you are primarily anti-Semitic instead of being concerned with justice.
4. He Is Resigning And Returning Gaza To Israel
emanon ,   USA   (09.17.15)
Hey, I can dream, can't I?
5. what now from back stabbing from the BLACK SEPTEMBER SOB???
dav zee ,   America is beautiful   (09.17.15)
FROM abbys, THE PLO RAT BAST**D THAT HELPED KILL THE MUNICH ISRAELI ATHLETES (The Miserable Abbys sob )... ABBYS' "bomb" will be the usual spiteful slurrs, false blame,HATEFUL OF JEWS, MEAN SPIRITED AND back stabbing and betrayal. Anything the arabs said is GONE, never was to beginwith...It will betray all Jewish,Christian and arab people and make wild claims of a non existant PAL entity made up of 20 years of arafat's make believe baloney, hate, and arafat's mind blurring HIV/AIDS. He will NOT QUIT-too much of his money is at stake... But abbys will denounce Israel for NOT ALLOWING HIM TO STEAL ANYTHING ELSE! Tough noogies fat headed farce maker.
6. Exile them all!
Aharon ,   Jerusalem. Israel   (09.17.15)
They use terrorism among civilians to destroy the Jewish state if Israel. And make no mistake that Israel is,was,and with Hashem's help, ALWAYS WILL BE a JEWISH it or don't like it the price is the same!
7. Abbas resigning is best for Pals. He is corrupt!
Shep Fargotstein ,   United States   (09.17.15)
8. His bombshell? His new name is Caitlyn!
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.17.15)
9. Only murderers legitimize murder
US citizen ,   US   (09.17.15)
I prefer a world whose God says "thou shalt not murder" and I thank Him that I will.
10. Abbas dropping a bomb shell
George Nolan ,   Canberra , Australia   (09.17.15)
Run for shelter , except bombs Palestinians don't know anything else. Terrorists is their real name , claim on Israel : None. Go look somewhere else, maybe being migrants to Europe. Europeans like you.
11. was a muslim itHS
Even the pagan allah ,   god of the moon   (09.17.15)
12. Why should Israel consider exiling or blockading
A ,   Belgium   (09.17.15)
chief terrorist Abbas, president of the imaginary state of "palestine". He is a Jordanian citizen and should be returned to his "homeland", along with the rest of the Jordanians masquerading as "palestinians", in order to faithfully serve his "king".
13. Insider leak: Abbas is coming out of the closet
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (09.17.15)
Said he'll proudly march in next year's LGBT parade in Tel-Aviv - even if it means condemnation by his own people. Stay tuned for more details.
14. Abbas "bombshell" speech?????
tiki ,   belgium   (09.17.15)
He's moving to Germany! Mutti Merkel will WELCOME him with banners & open arms. Israel should have exiled this "president" in his residence in his State of Palestine and barricaded the exits a long time ago, instead of letting this "palestinian" world traveller roam the world on his Jordanian passport.
15. best to set the dogs of hamas and dahlan on him and his sons
brenrod   (09.17.15)
16. Let him hang himself
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (09.17.15)
Maybe Abbas and his other terrorist in suits and ties cronies have forgotten that the only reason that they are in position enriching themselves is the Oslo Accords. The moment that Abbas makes it clear that he reneges on the Oslo Accords,never mind about exile,the whole bunch should be arrested and tried for their incitement to violence and terrorism and in some cases for actual involvement in terrorism.It's long,long overdue,anyway.Israel's government has had the patience of Job but now its time to say enough is enough. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
17. abbas bombshel
Daniela ,   Panamá   (09.17.15)
remember how many times Bombshel sent from Gaza fell on the arabs living there and killing themselves??? Beware Mahmud.. Your bomb might backfire
18. Put a permanent end to "Palestine" clown show!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.17.15)
The most frustrating part of the "Palestine" clown show is that Israel could easily end it forever. The "Palestine" clown show can only go on if Israel continues the mad flow of food, money, electricity, work permits, protection etc. to fictional "Palestine". If you love Israel; demand the immediate permanent end of ALL support to fictional "Palestine". It is time to end the "Palestine" clown show once and for all!
19. Caitllyn Jenner and Caitlyn Abbas to have new TV show...
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.17.15)
Abbas was overheard saying, "Mahmoud is just so not me! Like, really! You know! I so miss a nice manicure and pedicure! And panties? I can't find my size anywhere! I have the boys from Iran make them for me- they are so talented! They give whole-body massage that's to die for! I can't wait to try on Caitlyn's bra- I think it will make me look much prettier, don't you think?"
Edy Burak ,   miami , usa   (09.17.15)
probably he is a travesty
21. when will we realize we are in a street fight. kick him hard
ralph   (09.17.15)
and dont stop. no more being mr. nice guy. expose his lies, their murdering way. lieing story.
22. abbas bombshell
allan feldhammer ,   United States   (09.17.15)
He's really Jewish
23. FB Harold Neale
A ,   Belgium   (09.17.15)
"When Abbas talks every member of the UN listens." And he is taken as seriously as you and your ignorant posts.
24. Bombshell ? Preferably on Abbas
DT ,   Ta Israel   (09.17.15)
25. Abbas gets his orders from Obama
C   (09.17.15)
the twisted obama regime will give arms to israel while doing all it can to undermine the jewish state diplomatically. abbas has no power to throw bombshell at the jewish state. the jewish state goes back thousands of year to a time when islam was not even invented by the sword wielding prophet. the sovereign jewish state of israel is here to stay for eternity.
26. ...He will swallow a live grenade... ?! ...Hopefully!!!!
27. what "rules" ?
barney   (09.18.15)
28. Israeli response..l
SteveHC ,   United States   (09.18.15)
... could be to draw its boundaries and be done with it once and for all.
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