Police brace for Temple Mount violence in wake of restless night
Roy Yanovski
Published: 18.09.15, 00:39
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1. Jerusalem
Iletzter ,   TA   (09.18.15)
It seems that the security really don't have a solution beyond sending in more police which is not a solution since you cannot station police at every juncyion 24 hours a day. The old words - eched ny the IDF liberators- "Jerusalem is in our hands" really never materialized and proved to be false. Any sensible person will not travel through any neighborhood.
2. deport adult stone throwers and their families
jerry   (09.18.15)
weakness from bibi and judicial lleniency has provoked violence. \bibi is showing he could never undertake an iran hit as yvet said as he lacks will and guts plus he is obtuse. \weinstein is an olmert crony.
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