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Major wind farm being built in Israel, first in 30 years
Amir Ben-David
Published: 20.09.15, 23:01
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1. no no no please not!
someone from galilae   (09.21.15)
these things are all over Germany (I need to travel there a lot), they not only look ugly but they make noise and they have proven to be not very effective. I was always happy to come back to Israel and NOT see these things ruining our beautiful landscape. what a pity! shame on Afcon Holdings! may Shlomo Shmelzter have to live right next to them!
2. birds, bats and insects will be killed defunct energy source
ralph   (09.21.15)
waste of money.
3. What Not Vertical, "Eggbeater", Style Turbines?
emanon ,   USA   (09.21.15)
In the USA, there has been a lot of research into vertical turbine generators, sometimes called eggbeaters because of their shape. This design has proved to be less of a threat to birds than the more typical windmill variety and are more efficient. Additional research has also shown that birds quickly learn to identify the alleged hazard of windmill style turbines and have altered their flight path.
4. Speaking Of Hazards To Birds . . .
emanon ,   USA   (09.21.15)
Any comments on the Gazans' building nets to impede the flight of migratory quail so they can be trapped and harvested?
5. finally
zionist forever   (09.22.15)
Israel needs to diversify its electricty sources and the Golan has been a neglected opportunity for decades. There are a handful of windmills there but thats it finally they are going to build more.
6. But are they efficient......?
Koose E Mack ,   US NY   (10.01.15)
Can they produce enough electricity to offset any damage they may cause to the environment? Will they be cost effective? Will the "savings" be passed on to the embattled Israeli Citizens who are already paying through the nose for Water, Electricity, Defense....etc? Gas and Oil are now abundant in Israel; what benefit are they to the average Israeli Citizen? So far, the public is still getting raped by the government and the utilities!
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