Reports: Russian troops refusing deployment to Syria
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.09.15, 23:43
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1. Gotta give Putin credit !!!!
Mike ,   RKDH   (09.21.15)
Unlike Obama . . at least he knows how to show support for his ally even though Assad is stark raving mad ! RKDH
2. Putin & Assad - the anti-terror
Charles ,   Ethiopia   (09.21.15)
In a world of useless pussies like the Booboo speechifier and Pervert Barry from the former USA it's good to know there are still brave anti-terror leaders.
3. Of Cause !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.21.15)
I Quote - The paper also interviewed mothers of soldiers who had been sent to Syria, who said that their sons had been sent to fight a war that was not theirs Comment - Russia should dropp Assad !. Arn.Sweden.
4. Putin doesn't know what
StephenInNewYork   (09.21.15)
he's getting into. Reassuring to learn that the Russian is as stupid as Obama.
5. "..told there would be poisonous animals at the new place.."
Cameron ,   USA   (09.21.15)
Oh man, had to laugh upon reading that one. Understatement if ever there was one.
6. This (if true) sounds like big success for the primitive but
efficient Islamic killing outfit that calls itself ISIS. This is too bad, since if only SOMEONE really wanted to, their story could be ended within a week (or a day for that matter) Then the whole of Islam would realize it's time to crawl back to it's cave &stay there another 1000 years!
7. לא תרגמתם נכון שם שלי Tenzer
alex tenzer ,   israel   (09.21.15)
לא תרגמתם נכון שם משפחה שלי alex Tenzer
8. Anyway!!!
Ba kin moon screaming for Europe to treat refugees will humane and don't screamed at IsIs that we not gonna accept that sort of caliphate country on back of destruction and war. And don't compare it to Russia annex of Crimea. The act of destruction caused by Isis need to be condemned by every civilized nations and will not be accepted to any civilized society. The world map can't be redrawn for Isis type of nation. And until we start hearing that from the political elite they better tell Islamic cult what actually they brought forth to the world of civilization?????
9. It's not ISIS they should fear
US citizen ,   US   (09.22.15)
it is the One that saw and sees them coming and the One who is more powerful than all mere humans. The One who is able and will deliver/ have mercy on whom He will.
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