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'The EU must ban all products from Israel'
Ronen Bergman
Published: 25.09.15, 19:54
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1. I don't recognize racist Jew-haters
Menachem ,   Israel   (09.25.15)
Israel is the ancestral and eternal homeland of the Jewish people, regardless what Jew-haters think or want. The times when the Jewish people was homeless and defenseless are over for ever.
2. BDS in Amsterdam
Nadya ,   california, USA   (09.26.15)
You can't help but admire Mr. van der Linde's tireless effort's to make a difference in the situation between the Israeli's and the Palestinians. I absolutely believe he loves the Israeli's and the Jews but is determined to bring to the forefront the atrocities being committed by the government of Israel against the Palestinian people. Hasbara just doesn't cut it anymore, actions speak louder than words. Jews are smart, they'll figure it out eventually.
3. BDS
Dan Frank ,   Montreal canada   (09.26.15)
European Anti Semitism after 1500 years of it is now part of their DNA make up. i am certain people are born with it .
4. Never heard of this dutch guy before
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (09.25.15)
although I should have, being a dutch citizen. Dutch media hardly give him attention, I assume. I have not found any match between him and a local newspaper.
5. Frank van der Linde
Sergio Cigliuti ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.26.15)
BDS seems to be interested in one thing only, and that is to shift what they coldly define as injustice and suffering from one side to the other. In that sense, I believe that they are to be compared to any other ideology that chooses to utilize terror as a political tool. Were they offering mediation, perspective and help, perhaps one could make an effort to have a dialogue with them, but certainly not when they only pursue the destruction of Israel and of all its Jewish citizens. Israel should spend money and effort along the lines of a national mission to pursue BDS legally in international courts, asking for it to be dismantled and for damages to be paid to Israelis whose finances might get hurt because of them. This is not a battle to be fought in the public court, but in the legal court.
6. Absolute proof "occupation" is NOT the issue!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.25.15)
Israel's enemies couldn't care less about Judea and Samaria. Dumb leftists constantly beat their breasts about "the occupation" or our more than 4,000 year old Homeland. However, BDSers want ALL of Israel destroyed as this BDS leader made crystal clear.
7. He forgets the rallying cry
Ben Graham ,   NY, NY   (09.25.15)
The 1947-48 rallying cry of the Arabs against partition was "Not an inch to the Jews". It is irrelevant whether the land subject to partition was perfect, close to perfection, or rough justice. To the Arabs, an inch for the Jews was too much.
8. van der linde
max artur ,   freiburg, Germany   (09.25.15)
giving air to such a nazi scum like van der linde makes it impossible to read ynetnews any more
Please ignore this odious and vile antisemite named Frank van der Linde.
10. Let me apologize
Henk Vermeer ,   Netherlands   (09.26.15)
Let me apologize for this vile creature from my country. He is nothing but a detestable antisemite. Not interested in solutions, just interested in hurting people. The world can do without the likes of him.
11. History
Tom ,   New York   (09.26.15)
Apparently history isn't widely taught in Holland to whit , Jordan which was part of the mandate was detached and Jews were forbidden to live there , all Muslim countries ethnically cleansed their Jewish populations, in 1948 the Arabs announced Genocide and invaded with 7 armies ; likewise in 1967 . Lastly Dutch police rounded up Jews and Dutch military police guarded the Jews in Westerbrook as they were being sent to Aushwitz.
12. Even all decent Palestinians are certainly embarrassed!
e-antipuppet   (09.25.15)
This BDS campaigns were cooked up in the evil centers of misinformation of Moscow and Tehran. The Western representatives are the useful idiots. Are they blind to the terrorist activities of the Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, who are the real enemies of peace?
13. Why does Ynet
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (09.25.15)
give a forum to this anti-semite?
14. Shame on Ynet
Sidney ,   California   (09.25.15)
15. Excellent points
Carol ,   NYC   (09.25.15)
Boycotting only settlement products never made sense to me. Israel is the occupier and therefore everything from Israel must be boycotted. Israelis democratically elect one Apartheid government after the other. Israeli citizens think their 'gay friendliness' (which is in doubt after the recent murder of a young girl), and their high tech savvy will save them from condemnation. It won't, and no amount of money spent on PR is going to save what's coming. The only way out of this is going back to 1967 lines and ending all interference in Palestinian lives. Either that, or you make everyone citizens (not 2nd class citizens). And those who keep talking about 'ancestral lands' blah blah blah. Jews MOVED to Palestine from elsewhere. You were not the first ones living on the land, therefore it cannot be YOUR ancestral land more than other people who lived there before and after.
16. Another flavor of Nazi
Benji ,   US   (09.25.15)
Hiding behind the BDS campaign. Hope Frank has a big house so he can house Palestinian families when they lose their jobs thanks to him. We love Israeli products. Please send more to the US. Israel exists and will be standing strong when this Nazi pest is long gone. I didn't realize pest is an occupation.
17. Ronen Bergman's friend?
Israella   (09.26.15)
Shocked to read that Bergman has 'known him for about 10 years, through mutual Israeli friends'. With friends like this we are truly in big trouble.
Ezekial Haim ,   London UK   (09.26.15)
Useless for anything ,rejected by society including Israeli society alas tries to find respect by adopting bds.Also a coward as if he was not he would have been fit to join ISIS
19. Frank van der Linde and the BDS
Edward Moss ,   Manchester, UK   (09.25.15)
Can Frank van der Linde confirm that he doesn't use any Israeli Technology or medical products. I think he needs to prove he has no smartphone or PC with Israeli technology on board, no Pentium or Celeron, no Windows XT software family onwards, no iPhne or iPad, no Israeli-chip driven smartphone camera, no SMS, no email anti-virus, no USB flash drives and no Facebook etc etc etc
20. Ronen Bergman, how does it feel
Lucifer69   (09.25.15)
To be the mouthpiece of BDS? Bravo. Yedioth, glad to be the mouthpiece of BDS? I will start reading El JAZIRA INSTEAD. Why to give such a stage to this narcissist lyer and jerk?
21. if you take a look at his face
ky   (09.26.15)
you have to feel sorry for him. It is a face that desperately needs a cause. It could it could be rights for transgender marmots or save the mosquito. On the other hand I am pleased for him,in as much as he has found one
22. we checked out Mr. Van der Linde's family very carefully...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.25.15)
and learned that most of his ancestor's were prominent WHITE AFRIKAANS South African farmers who stole the land of the Africans and enforced the South African APARTHEID system on them. The current Mr. Van der Linde is highly ashamed of his family's history and believes that by attacking the State of Israel and individual Jews and Israelis he can correct and amend the errors of his family's past. He's another typical Dutch need to bother with the rest of his Afrikaans family he's a loser.
23. Linde: "I don't recognise the State of Israel as a state"
C   (09.25.15)
this man is whistling in the wind. the jewish state of israel is a sovereign, with an advanced army, a high tech nation which most recently has expanded relations with china and india and other asian nations. this man is clearly a jew hater however much he denies it. his opinion of himself is grossly inflated. he wants to destroy the sole jewish state in the world. his understanding of the arab palestinians is poor at best. he might cause some inconvenience but he will never achieve his delusional goal of dismantling a sovereign state. just as an example, he should keep in mind that vladimir putin had received pm netanyahu and israel's entire military chiefs on short notice.
24. Utopia Syndrome Confabulated
Zechariah   (09.26.15)
Some people often highly intelligent get utopia syndrome confabulation on the potential of Human Nature . Many improvements for an elite of people's have Occured but always there are with the creative forces the destructive ones . Medical innovation and Thermonuclear weapons are the clear examples . To boycott Israel is part of the David and Goliath phenomenon mixed up . Some Progessives cannot comprehend the Jews in Israel are six million most living in Twenty thousand square kilometre of land the Islam two billion living in Two billion plus plus Square kilometre of land . Turkey is seven hundred million square kilometre Iran one billion six hundred and Fourty square Km of land Libya one billion seven hundred and fifty nine square kilometre of land Eygpt one billion square kilometre of Land . Huge populations and Huge lands in total compared to the Jews . There is a craziness of thinking and judging .
25. It will happen
Jake ,   haifa   (09.26.15)
He will get his wish once the Netherlands and the EU are fully controlled by Muslims. Of course by then, he will be dead, a refugee from his own country, or more likely a cringing pathetic servant of his new masters.
26. Duth and their affiliates in SS
Henry ,   Poland   (09.26.15)
M Knowing the history of nedellands in exterminating their own Jewes I'm not surprised to hear of an other SS voluntary hater of my people Apropos Anna Frank Was also send by the same Duth goverment for extermination , and the larger number od SS voluntary where from gess... Yes. Nedellands
27. LOL EU should BAN ALL MUSLIMS!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (09.27.15)
but, with time the Muslims will behead the Dutch and all will be well except, for anti semitic Europe who deserves her violent, ignorant, inbred Muslim lunatics.
Denny Stclair ,   Mocksville USA   (09.29.15)
Israel belongs to Gods chosen, when you mess with Israel you mess with God!
29. right and wrong
rosa van der wieken ,   amsterdam   (09.29.15)
Mr van de Linde is from staphorst which means he grew up in a very strict christian atmosfere, where we are still the killers of christ. The ones that lost their faith became usually very leftist. But their emotions stayed the same, and so most leftists, especially from christian backgrounds, have an "unexplainable" aversion of Israel. The BDS has very little to do with the "suppressed Palestinians" and everything with a long history of christian aversion of jews. That is why they dont protest muslim violence. Israelis have no clue what they support in the BDS. Israel is the jew of the world.
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