Report: Jordan king shuns Netanyahu 'until further notice'
Roi Kais
Published: 24.09.15, 11:36
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1. I'm afraid next "notice" shall be one of eviction for the
Little King in Amman....He knows it is coming and no amount of posturing as a tough guy will make it go away.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (09.25.15)
He can do the act, try to help the situation instead of acting like Israel gives a hoot about him.
3. Jordan King Shuns Netanyahu
Israel better listen to the Jordanian King - Netanyahu has wrecked Israel's standing around the world - Its a sad day when Jordan has to be so loud in its criticism of Israel and its bastardized policy created by a mad Prime Minister!
4. times of israel talkback's...
Jews can't "steal" their own country. "The Arabs stole Jewish land and even the Roman name"Palestine" for occupied Judea. I am not sure you would have liked the Palestinians in the 1940s because they were mostly called David Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon. Learn some real history before calling others ignorant." - was he suggesting that Aba Eban, Begin, Rafi Eitan or Wiesenthal were romans??... im not sure i understood the critique...
5. FB Harold Neale:
A ,   Belgium   (09.25.15)
"Almost all commentators sound as members of the Likud party." Except for one particular bumpkin who obviously belongs to the Mickey Mouse Club.
6.  Until further notice?
tiki ,   belgium   (09.24.15)
When is this precisely? When he needs again Israeli helicopters to protect his border and his thrown. Muslims took an old, neglected mosque and turned it overnight into "Islam's third holy place". Why.....because it's on Judaism's most holy sight!. Muslims took a bunch of Arabs and turned them overnight into a "Palestinian people" with rights, lands and a centuries old history. Why, because the Jews rebuild their old homeland! No wonder the ME is in turmoil.
7. Jordan king shuns Netanyahu
jon ,   uk   (09.24.15)
another ostrich lives in denial
8. 'king'
caleb ,   israel   (09.24.15)
he shuns us? without Israel his fake kingship would go back to a Beduin camel.
9. Uneasy sits the head that wears a crown
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.25.15)
Without the tacit support of Israel the King would not long remain in power. This show of Islamic self- righteousness may play well at home but it should not be carried too far. Uneasy sits the head that wears a crown.
10. King Abdullah should consider himself lucky
c   (09.24.15)
the islamic state has not yet attacked his kingdom.
11. Isis at Jordan's door
Rick ,   Houston, Tx. USA   (09.25.15)
The King has ISIS to worry about instead of the phony baloney issue of the mosque. The incitement is coming from the Muslim's not Israel.
12. Few understand the layout
US citizen ,   US   (09.25.15)
stand the "king" at the western wall and let palestinians rain down rocks on his head and he will thank Netanyahu and the police. Police muscle is better than sniper fodder. Show the world the layout and shame any who condemn Israel for protecting it's citizens.
13. to fb Robbie Goldstein
Adler J   (09.26.15)
ISIS doesnt exists.
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