On Yom Kippur, 29 migrants cross from Egypt to Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.09.15, 19:34
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1. put them back into egypt. dump them there.
ralph   (09.25.15)
2. Breach of Fence Security by illegal immigrants.
Simple Solution: Electrify Fence & signpost ample warnings.
3. and the GOP wants a US-CANADA border fence
how effective will an 8000 kilometre fence really be? LOL
4. #2
Miron ,   Israel   (09.25.15)
Technically you cannot electrify a fence if you do not insulate it from ground. This can be done with short stretches of 100 m for example.
5. Throw them back on top of the fence!
Miron ,   Israel   (09.25.15)
IDF should have 6 m high slides(tobogans) Once they find them,bring them up and slide them back into Egypt
6. No visa no entry.....
Leave Jewish Israel alone. She cannot accommodate one Muslim more. Try Europe they love Muslims and hate Jews a perfect match.
7. The Mexican wall will work 99.9%
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (09.26.15)
Not 100%
8. Wait a minute
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (09.27.15)
Aren't all Muslims haters of Jewish Israel? Why then do they insist on entering Israel? Democracy? Liberty? Safety? Maybe the detractors of Israel should compare the two nations, Egypt vs. Israel? ( But, why confuse the poor dumb bastards with the truth?)
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