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Report: Syria to give Hezbollah Soviet tank division
Roi Kais
Published: 26.09.15, 18:57
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1. Israel need to make sure those tank don't cross to Lebanon b
Anthony ,   us   (09.26.15)
2. Iran deal secret annexes revealed
C   (09.26.15)
iran and its patron russia are given syria and hegemony over the entire middle east. obama pulled back from the entire middle east and left it to iran and russia. one hundred years of american diplomacy has been torn up by obama. the united states has lost all influence in the middle east and this state of afffairs will not be reversable. it is being reported that china is also sending naval ships to syria. european nations who had followed obama's anti-western policies, find themselves with a fait accompli, and a huge wave of muslim refugees, most of whom are young able bodied men.
3. Iran giving Hezbollah Soviet tanks
c   (09.26.15)
iran is hugely emboldened by obama's ill fated attempt to court the genocidal shia terror regime. iran and its patron russia are spreading their military presence in syria and now in iraq. israel's national security situation is under increased stress. however, none of the parties, especially hezbollah, should assume that israel will not defend herself against aggression. putin should keep in mind that israel has never lost a war, including wars where russian pilots were participants.
4. Donald Trump: let Russia fight the Islamic State
CJK   (09.26.15)
trump needs to realise that putin is not an altruist. putin is in syria to spread russian military power in the eastern mediterranean and thus posing a threat to american interests in the middle east. unless trump intends to follow obama's failed foreign policy, he should not outsource american national security to the aggressive russian enemy. that which seems a good idea in theory, is often a bad idea in practice. russia is the patron of the genocidal shia terror regime of iran and of syria, and as such, of all shia interests in the region. obama has voluntarily left the region, thus creating a vaccum which has been filled by russia. the united states has lost both military and diplomatic influence in the middle east, frankly a catastrophe. mr. trump is a talented man, but he needs some very experienced professional advice in foreign policy.
5. It's all good folks. Netanyahu has allowed Vlad to enter the
space. It is all prearranged and planned. Sleep well, my dear children.
6. Where I come from . . .
Mike ,   RKDH   (09.27.15)
A " trump " is a person who makes bad choices . . . a little like a shlameal . . with better intent. RKDH
7. Russia in Syria is good news!
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (09.27.15)
The US in Vietnam, the USSR in Afghanistan, the US in Afghanistan and Iraq...why don't these two ever learn? Russia has a large domestic Muslim population and some Muslim neighbors. This will turn into a war of attrition for them and just like Assad's army is having a tough time taking on ISIS, so will Russia and Iran. It will be good news for the West and bad news for the anti-West bloc. It was smart for Obama not to get involved. Let Russia and Iran and the Sunnis duke it out for awhile. It is their money and their soldiers....and their loss!
8. a gifting of 75 tanks for the Hez
Cameron ,   USA   (09.27.15)
Tells me the Hez are locked in solid as the backbone of the regime's forces and assault troops. Not buying this story of the Hez withdrawing from their combat role in Syria. They'll be on the front lines till the bitter end.
9. FB Mazin Chabayta
A ,   Belgium   (09.27.15)
Great idea! Finally, a way to get rid of the worthless "palestinians" once and for all (I'm sure Israelis will know how to protect themselves). How about that?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (09.28.15)
one by one off once they cross to Lebanon. Iranian mullahs only talk tough, but at the end they need their Russian daddy to help them out.
11. they are no use against Israel
zionist forever   (10.11.15)
Israel has nothing to fear from these tanks - apart from the fact that Soviet era T72 & T55 tanks are no match for the Merkava & other modern day weapons Tanks are also easy pickings for the airforce if they have no air cover of their own, in 1967 the superior Egyptian tank forces were destroyed by the IAF because the Egyptians no longer had an airforce.
12. 11
zionist forever   (10.17.15)
They will all break down by then. They are old so probably not all that reliable and I doubt Hezbollah have been given lots of spare parts. Tanks are not all that useful as weapons for terrorists.
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