Norwegian cartoon compares Israel to Nazis, N. Korea
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.09.15, 16:09
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1. Now you know how it begun in the '30s?
2. Howard Aubrey
Patrick Laverne ,   Paris France   (09.28.15)
There is a trend nowadays as in the past to accuse jews for all the wrong in the earth. I do understand people like you who understood that whatever they do and or successful they are or however well educated they are , they will never reach the israeli well being. this has a name : hatred through jealousy. Palestinians are just a pretext, you hate them also. They are smarter then you. Go get a life!! idiot.
3. Isn't Free Speech Wonderful
Eric Schnittman ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.28.15)
How brave of the Norwegian publisher to equate Israel with Nazi Germany. Isn't it wonderful not to have to worry about irrational reactions such as the Hedbo fiasco? The Holocaust is a sacred topic to many Jews, but no zany threats from the Jewish community. That's because we know what democracy is and relish it. Talk about hitting a softball; this comic strip is truly a gutless wonder!
4. this is what post christian europe will look like. it will r
ralph   (09.28.15)
revert to the barbarians they always were.
5. Interesting
Sarah B ,   Telo Aviv/London   (09.28.15)
So lets be clear. Cartoons about Mohammed are funny. Cartoons about Israel are likely to foment violence and bring to an end civilisation as we know it?
6. OMG ,...
split   (09.28.15)
How could they the Israelis are such a peaceful nation ;) ,...
7. This from a country that ACTUALLY collaborated with the nazi
Shai ,   USA   (09.28.15)
This from a country that ACTUALLY collaborated with the nazis to kill thousands of Jews. The quote below is from "The Destruction of the Norwegian Jews", At 04.30 hours one hundred taxis and 300 men of the Hirden and Norwegian police divided into approximately fifty groups were charged with collecting ten Jews each. A Norwegian Police officer called Knut Roed planned the action. The trip with steamer Donau started in Oslo from the so-called American Quay at 2pm in the afternoon with 532 Jews on board. The steamer docked in Stettin on the 30 November 1942 and this transport arrived in Auschwitz- Birkenau on the 1 December 1942
8. #5:No, I don't want to argue with you, just to point out how
sad it makes me to read fellow Jews commenting on the "situation" as if using one's brain was something optional & not at all necessary! Being as clueless as you are (in almost all your postings) makes me understand, that there's nothing we can blame the equally clueless Euro-dhimmies for. At least for them, all of the "Islamic Experience" is still AHEAD !! Poor creature you are indeed.
9. To "Sarah B", #5, and check out the difference in reaction
Jake   (09.28.15)
The Israeli Embassy makes a verbal protest, while the Islamic extremists go on terrorist rampages.
10. Norway
David ,   Montreal, Quebec   (09.29.15)
What is it about Norway that Jews do not get. This useless country has treated Jews disgracefully since its founding. Norwegians have gotten away with their Jew hating for decades. The only solution is to deny their pension funds the right to invest in the USA and deny their citizens the right to travel to North America. This useless, Whale killing country is a disgrace to the world. Norwegians stink !
11. # 7 ,...
split   (09.29.15)
So did the zionists i destruction of the Hungarian Jews in much larger scale, they collaborated with the nazis to murder 600.000 Jews to save 1600 of their relatives less than a year before WWII ended ,... For details google Kastner-Eichmann deal ,...
12. #7 Thank you for pointing this out
Benji ,   US   (09.28.15)
Dagbladet and their media trash serve one purpose. A window into Norway's Nazi collaboration past that bleeds into the present.
13. Another OPEC country...when oil runs out...
Andre ,   Clichy   (09.28.15)
Another OPEC country...when oil runs out they will be left with their stinking herrings in a frozen God-forgotten country. Just a couple of decades
14. Norway was occupied by the Germans
iselin ,   oslo   (09.29.15)
Germany invaded Norway in April 1940 and leveled many towns with their scorched earth policy. The Norwegian police were ordered by the occupational government to round up the Jews. This is not collaboration by choice. Unfortunately, the police were better organized than the local populace who did too little too late. However, many Norwegian Jews were helped over the border to Sweden by compassionate neighbors.
15. They are only cartoons!!!
Valerie ,   Israel   (09.28.15)
When a Danish newspaper published cartoons aganst Islam there were riots and deaths all over the Muslim world!
16. #11 Suggest you read the details
Benji ,   US   (09.29.15)
Kastner saved over 1600 Jewish lives. He's a hero to many. You're in no position to judge the desperate attempt people were forced to make during this horrific period of time. How many lives did your family save in Poland? Or did they sit back and rejoice as their Jewish neighbors were hauled away? I think we know the answer.
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