Iron Dome shoots down rocket in southern Israel
Matan Tzuri
Published: 29.09.15, 23:09
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1. Grow some Baytzim and Settle this Thing!
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (09.30.15)
The morning of 9-11 told it all: George W. and every Western/Euro/Judeo-Christian "leader" lacked the gonads to DO THE RIGHT THING. So for this past decade plus, the U.S., Israel, and now Europe, are crumbling into chaos. We all know what needs to be done. So DO IT, oh, fearless leaders. And set the Civilized World free.
2. rockets from gaza
sas ,   ashdod israel   (09.30.15)
about time Israel stoped pussy ffooting with gaza send a hundred rockets back to gaza and let them feel the same fustation as us isralies feel even it kills hundreds of arabs . this must stop get off your backsides send the air force and obliterate gaza once and for all
3. rumours that netanyahu accepts 67 borders
jerold   (09.30.15)
if rumors are true that netanyahu would accept 67 borders with swaps, then 6 milion jews died for nothing, zerfo. andUS guarantees on jordan valley or leassing are worthless, zero. Not only that butbentzion,, the late father of bibi would roll over in his grave at bibi shrinking borders so that hamastan would be overlooking tel aviv, and US assurances are worthless, zero.
4. And what will King Bibi the Weak's response be?
A ,   Belgium   (09.30.15)
More empty threats against hamas, while preaching that he is committed to maintaining the security of the citizens of Israel? A few IAF visits to gaza? A speech before the United Nothings? Another bowl of ice cream?
5. Israel listen here
USA   (09.30.15)
Make sure you deduct the cost of an Iron Dome missile, and all other costs incurred in the shooting down of these rockets from taxes collected for Palestinians.
6. There is no evidence that the Iron Dome shot anything.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.30.15)
In fact, there is no evidence that during the last war against Hamas in Gaza that the Iron Dome worked even once. In addition, there was evidence of the so called Hamas rockets being shot off by Israelis to simulate attacks. Got evidence, got milk?
7. Iron Dome launch is not proof of Hamas attack.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.30.15)
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