Why BDS should target Saudi Arabia, not Israel
Rafael Castro
Published: 01.10.15, 23:18
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1. When Saudis go broke& have nothing to offer the World, THEN
they will be relegated to pleasing their sheep&goats in an intimate way in a jiffy! Not a moment before though....That's how the said "World" operates.
2. Boker tov
Avi L.   (10.02.15)
3. yes, but...
David   (10.02.15)
The "BDS" movement is not animated by concern for human rights at all, simply a resentment of the strength, thus far, of the Jewish state. Saudi Arabia is governed by a rather odious regime, I concede-- although not as belligerent as the equally odious regime of Iran, lest we forget. If Saudi Arabia should be targeted for isolation Iran must be targeted more so. Notice however that the very people most in favor of sanctioning Israel are the people least in favor of sanctioning Iran. Perhaps they could be motivated to sanction Saudi Arabia so long as that country remains an American ally-- assuming that they confine their hatred only to American allies. But their true hatred is for Israel, and once they realize that Saudi Arabia has no particular love for Israel, they will forget any grievance they have against them as well. It is a delusion to assume that the haters of Israel share a common concern for morality.
4. Bds?
Frank sol ,   San diego   (10.02.15)
BDS it so easy for the Saudis, barely export sth besides oil... there must be a much harsher way to deal with them.
5. Yeah, this all makes sense BUT
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (10.02.15)
Yeah, this all makes sense BUT BDS is really about Jew-hate, not trying to bring change and certainly NOT trying to improve the lives of the Pals. It's not rational and many of the BDSers are Muslim themselves. They're NOT going to boycott Saudi Arabia.
6. Saudi Arabia is among the most
Froke ,   NY US   (10.02.15)
racist countries in the world; followed by Kuwait, Qattar, and other countries dominated by the "Religion of Peace". What a hypocritical world we live in. When Moshiach comes, all these countries will be dealt with via divine justice! Don't worry about BDS!
7. The West deserves nothing
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (10.02.15)
Saudi-Arabia invented, sponsores and educates in modern jihadism for decades now. Hate for the core values and institutions of Western culture (from women as equal humans instead of objects to democracy) has spread worldwide thanks to Saudi-Arabia. Yet is has never been accountable for this, Instead it has been catered and pampered by the West. Why? OIL! Reflecting on this, the US and Europe do not deserve to survive. They deserve to be colonized by Wahabist Islam. The shame, the shame...
8. Birds of a feather...
Abel Kotze ,   South Africa   (10.02.15)
Now, how are Saudi different than ZioNazi?
9. USA had lots of blood.................
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (10.04.15)
USA had lots of Christians blood in their hands and guts. Wine of the petrol pump perverted and corrupted them, it's concentrated with the innocents blood of non - muslims. Maintain silence when knowing the truth/murder is a first degree murder when you/USA claim to be the world policeman after WWII! May God bless Rafael Castro!
10. Why the BDS should target Saudia A., not Israel.
11. Why the BDS should target Saudia A., not Israel.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.04.15)
Well Mr. Castro, this total ignorant way of thinking deserves only one answer. Stop deluding yourself! BDS is not about Human Rights, Justice or well being of any Palestinian, Arab, Muslim or anybody else. It's about harming the Jew....as much as possible.
12. #11 Tiki is absolutely correct
Carl ,   USA   (10.06.15)
When the UN appoints Saudi Arabia to head a key human rights panel it is obvious that human rights is no longer part of their agenda. The entire UN apparatus is merely doing the bidding of their Arab overlords, sacrificing Israel in the vain hope of protecting themselves.
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