BBC's Jerusalem attack headline sparks criticism
John-Michael Kibrick
Published: 04.10.15, 22:24
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1. even al jazeera apologized for the misleading headline
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (10.05.15)
It's coming to a situation where even certain parts of Britain are on the same page as militant Islamists. Even though thankfully Cameron & the Tories are pro-Israel, many other parts of the UK including the media are becoming more anti-Semitic & more anti-Israel. Boycott the UK & boycott UK products!
2. 3 pakistanis killed in London, after...
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (10.04.15)
3 pakistanis killed in London, after blowing up a bus and the Tube killing 55 Brits.
3. BBC is a propaganda arm of the Arab Palestinians
C   (10.04.15)
the bbc is not an objective news outlet. this will never change as long as the government keeps subsidising it.
Jon R ,   RICHMOND HILL   (10.05.15)
How about: Father of 6 slain by Terrorist"
5. BBC British Bull Crescent as usual.
Brad ,   USA   (10.05.15)
6. Bloody British Cretins think they're being sophisticated and
their inbred antisemitism will somehow endear them in the eyes of their future Muslim rulers. Good luck. Leave these losers alone, like rest of Europe: they're beyond repair!
7. Frankly, I don't see why anyone.....
Robert ,   Australia   (10.05.15)
.....need apologise to Israel about anything whatsoever.
8. The BBC
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.05.15)
What else do you expect from the British Bullshit Corporation ? These Lefties have gotten away with their biased coverage of Israel for decades. The only was to deal with this odious Crown corporation is to declare it persona non grata in Israel and to send its putative reporters packing.
9. We're the BBC and so we are not apologising!
tiki ,   belgium   (10.05.15)
Time to tell the arrogant BBC (and others with double standards or biased reporting) to close the door behind them on their way out and not to come back until they understand what their job is.....neutral reporting and no politics! Stop playing Mr. Niceguy to those who spit you in the face over & over again. Oh and don't apologize!
10. ABC, Arab Broadcasting Company
Benji ,   US   (10.05.15)
No surprise here. Does anyone really expect professional reporting from them? They probably figure no one reads what they write so they can make up and twist the news.
11. Hey benji,
Brad ,   USA   (10.06.15)
"Conservative" LOL Fox News is about 35% Saudi owned, as well, which explains a lot.
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