Opinion  Dr. Yaron Friedman
Russian army in Syria: A failure foretold
Yaron Friedman
Published: 07.10.15, 19:59
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1. Removing Saddam was a big mistake. This we know now..., not?
2. Russian army in Syria: A failure foretold
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (10.07.15)
Let's wait 3-4 months and as Syria stabilizes and Iranian forces establish positions in the Golan, we can discuss again whose failure was foretold: Russia or "The Yinon Plan".
3. Interesting analysis Dr. Friedman but here's a mistake...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.08.15)
This quote right here: "The traditional brutality of the Russian army will only create further hatred and give the jihadists legitimacy in the eyes of many Muslims in the world." I think the good doctor has fallen into the rationale of Western apologists of Islam who routinely argue that we, The West, should not respond to Islamic terror because it only makes them madder. I disagree. I fail to see how we have anywhere else to go with the depths we have gone with ISIS. And all of Syria for that matter. The Arabs/Muslims are about as mad as anyone can be. They are certainly doing everything they can to get even, blowing themselves, us, anyone they can, up, whenever they can. They would have used a nuke by now had they had one. Maybe Mr. Obama has provided them that. The question for Russia isn't, "Can an invading power win," because, as you state, doctor, invading powers usually don't do well on someone else's turf. What the Russians have going for them with Mr. Putin at the helm is they are likely to pull out all the stops on this adventure, something they haven't done since probably eastern Europe in the 1950's. The examples you cite are valid because Western powers simply aren't ruthless enough to win conflicts in the modern era. You have to kill a lot of people to win. You have to kill the opponent into submission. ISIS is winning because they do exactly that. Mr. Obama is so dangerous because he is so incredibly weak, as is the United States right now. That would be the people who put him in office. My countrymen and countrytransgender people sit in Starbucks, pontificate madly about things they do not know, do not serve in the military, speculate wildly about Hollywood matters and watch Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert and call that "Truth." These are the people that elected Mr. Obama. Mr. Putin has, over the course of 7 cautious years of observation, realized that Mr. Obama is a beta male, incapable of dealing with 19th century-style realpolitik, and is now operating on the assumption that he (Mr. Putin) has free reign in the Middle East. And Mr. Putin does. Neither Mr. Obama, the EU or NATO will do anything to upset the apple cart, within reason. There's too much to lose. Mr. Obama's government is a mess, his civil service is broken, when one errant shell goes off course in the conflict zone, he persecutes his own soldiers... sorta like Israel. Russia doesn't play by those rules. With that said this article makes some great points and I think Dr. Friedman brings to bear the realization that Russia has bit off on this and now owns it. Is it prepared to take this road to the end of the line? Who knows and better that Russia is doing this than the US. Sun Tzu would smile so maybe the little man in the White House knows something we don't.
4. Friedman lays it down ice-cold & straight honest
Cameron   (10.08.15)
My God, what a relief from the usual array of weenies on YNET forever praising & hailing the strength and questionable wisdom of Putin. "A failure foretold" Friedman labels Russian activity and it's coming end correctly enough. Putin faces complete disaster for the Russian position in the ME with these desperate efforts to save a dying Shiite regime.
5. Yes, heaven can be brought only by Yankies...
Sreekumar ,   Bangalore, India   (10.08.15)
This is paid news..So Americans have ensured peace in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Latin America and so on..!!!
6. right on. coffe with ynet or any israeli leftist is the answ
ralph   (10.07.15)
7. These Russian Soldiers look like
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (10.08.15)
nice young men. Too bad most of them will be going home in ambulances and body bags!
8. Dr. Yaron Friedman is an idiot
Joe Kahl ,   Portland USA   (10.08.15)
How can he say this, below. Because it worked so good in Iraq and Lybia; both those countries are a disaster and a haven for terrorists. Idiots like this should be laughed at. "Ousting Assad is the only way to create a coalition against the terror of ISIS and al-Qaeda's branch, the al-Nusra Front, together with Saudi Arabia and Turkey and European countries. A united Arab coalition with legitimacy from the Syrian people and the international community will be able to free Syria from the terror organizations. Such a coalition removed Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1990. "
9. The Russian army defeated jihad in Chechnya
Peter ,   Jerusalen   (10.08.15)
The author is either being deceitful or is tripping balls.
10. Hezbolla versus Islamic State. Who do YOU support?
Wise Saba ,   Israel   (10.13.15)
Who cares? Let the Muslim Crazies kill each other. If the Russians want to join the party, they are free to do so.
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