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Howard Stern: What is it with Roger Waters and the Jews?
Ami Friedman
Published: 07.10.15, 18:02
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1. Howard Stern's rant
Harmon Bryen ,   Philadelphia USA   (10.07.15)
Finally someone who will stand up to Roger Waters' blind hostility towards Israel. I applaud Howard Stern for his rant. It is a well deserved rebuttal to all of the BDS crap.
2. Stern does more for Israel than ADL & other leftists
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.07.15)
Stern has the guts to tell it like it is. You'll never hear such truth from the Israeli left, or pathetic Jewish American organizations like the ADL. Leftists are scared of their own shadows. Bravo Howard Stern! It is not even Stern's job to support Israel, but he STILL does it better than pathetic Jewish leftists both in Israel and America. Even though these leftist clowns are PAID to support Israel. Paid far too much considering their worthlessness.
3. Roger Waters
Mark ,   U.K.   (10.07.15)
Roger should Google who are the Palestinians if he will and read some of the articals again if he will it might open his eyes but he been anti Semitic so long he belives himself what he says
4. News is that Roger is planning to produce a Musical
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.07.15)
So should we try to cajole audiences all over the world NOT to go? So should we stand outside every theatre and demonstrate against his obscene views Should we let off balloons with images of Roger dressed up as a pig just as he let off balloons in his gig with images of pigs with the Israeli Flag knowing that would give shocking offence to his Jewish and Israeli fans? BDS LIES Don't be deceived
5. Rant? Ynet seems more offended by Stern than by Waters
Jake   (10.07.15)
That says all there is to know, really, about this newspaper's real agenda.
6. Only Pals can stay in camps!!!
Yoav ,   Tel Aviv   (10.07.15)
Mr stern obviously is not aware of history. Does he know that most Palestinians today are refugees living in camps!!! Don't send the Jews back to the camps, but it's ok to keep the Palestinians refugees in camps for the rest of their lives. Chutzpah !!!
7. Howard Stern may not be the ideal
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (10.07.15)
moral compass by Orthodox Standards; but that doesn't mean he doesn't say or do good things. He's got Roger Waters pegged! My father RIP would refer to Mr. Waters as "a schmuck with earlaps!".
8. Oh yeah, one more thing.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (10.07.15)
As a youth I used to listen to Pink Floyd....I no longer listen to them.....I just turn their music off when I hear it....It's my own BDS!
9. #5: Truth!!!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.07.15)
10. Waters is WORTHLESS garbage !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.07.15)
11. dont worry, Yoav, Palis are doing just fine
sifter ,   usa   (10.08.15)
They are enjoying summer camp, getting fit, learning how to slice a Jew's neck, even making YouTube instructional videos! The rest of them are in the States, running convenience stores, fundraising for the Jew-killers, and receiving multiple government handouts. Don't you worry your little head about your murdering little buddies
12. Waters = Colostomy bag
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.07.15)
The s&$# comes pouring out of his mouth.
13. A big mouth with no brain attached
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (10.09.15)
Stern isn't an intellectual or unbiased. It's not about Israel's size compared to land mass of Arab countries, or about the false premise that Jews leave areas under occupation and annexation or return to death camps. He knows it, but its the only way to frame the arguement where his side can win.
14. Thanks
nibor ,   israel   (10.08.15)
We are far from perfect here.but how refreshing to see an American Jewish celebrity unabashedly standing up for the concept of Israel.
15. After capitalizing for so long on the death of his father in
A ,   Belgium   (10.08.15)
WW2, Waters has nothing better to do than become poster boy for the B.rain D.ead S.hmuks. If he was really so concerned about the "palestinians", why doesn't he give a few free concerts in Gaza or Ramallah? Or build a hospital or school with all of his riches instead of building a super luxury resort with Shakira for himself and his overindulgent, filthy rich friends? At least David Gilmour continues to put out new music and has the class to stay out of politics.
16. Roger's reason
Richardf8 ,   St. Paul, NY   (10.09.15)
I think that a careful listen to "When the Tigers Broke Free" contains the answer to Howard's question. Not only would Roger have been content to let every Jew go to the ovens, he would also have been happy to see the third reich's battle flag flying over Buckingham Palace if only it would have meant that the high command would not have talen his daddy from him. Roger Waters has spent his career spitting on the values for which Eric Fletcher Waters gave his life.
17. #16...Very inciteful and enlightening!
Koose E Mack ,   ny us   (10.11.15)
Thanks for your post!
18. Your next album
Teddyboy ,   Paris France   (10.24.15)
Waters you dont boycott Israël when you want to sell your next album the Wall on november i check you site . You l be probably Hitler favorite singer playing your music on the death camp I ask every jew to boycott this Bastard his father died. during ww2 one year too late israël is for ever you're not.
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