Israelis will have security when Palestinians have hope
Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher, Orni Petruschka
Published: 09.10.15, 14:57
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1. With Judo-Quislings like these 3 jokers (authors) neither
Jews nor Arabs have any "hope". As long as the occupiers of our Land ("Balestinians") harbor misguided notions of a "Balestine" materializing out of nowhere in World-History, we shall suffer & Arabs shall suffer. Truth may set them free, although being followers of Religion of Peace they wouldn't recognize it even if they were hit over the head with it! So Bibi, although partly to blame cannot take all upon himself to do the "Tikkun Olam". Left like wise, will never come to terms with losing the power forever, here in Israel & the World, Inshallah!
2. The authors are correct
Barry ,   Boston   (10.09.15)
The current policies of this government are not working. It is time to follow the teachings of Hillel. Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you. Praying and military force isn't going to save Israel. Working with the Palestinians to create a respectful solution will.
3. ayalon, sher and petrushka are full of it totally
jay   (10.09.15)
Terror woiuld have increased. We all know ayalon is a failed politican whose prescriptioins for peace are good for a subservient jewiish minority in majority palesitnes. Sher is a beilinist and one misguided fool. Israel will never be safe in a peace arrangement with arabs unless it controls its space and has defensible borders. 67 borders are not defensible.
4. Most Israelis know Israeli victory is the only solution!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.09.15)
The authors of this drivel are more than 20 years too late. This kind of dumb self destructive leftists B.S. may have fooled some during the Oslo era. But the vast majority of Israelis know better. Both elections and polls prove this. "Peace talks with Palestinians" are self destructive B.S. that gets Jews maimed and murdered by the thousands, while fostering the destruction of Israel. Most Israelis know Israeli victory is the only solution. Just as the Allies' victory was the only solution to the Nazis.
5. Space cadets in tinfoil hats
Llon   (10.09.15)
Is it purim already?
6. remember the signing of oslo agreement?
Orli Naaman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.09.15)
With the signing of the olso agreements...do you happen to remember the TERROR that began?? I remember after the first 18 bus in Jerusalem was blown up the left wing told us to 'hold steady...they are ONLY TRYING TO KILL THE PEACE'...but it was our people who were dying ... and theirs. now you are saying that the oslo accords weren't 'enough HOPE'?? Let's REMEMBER what didn't work...
7. Israeli will have security only......
Marita Hurst ,   Raanana Israel   (10.09.15)
Sadly, if that were only true. While I am not a huge fan of Netanyahu, I remember Barak's concessions made to Arafat (East Jerusalem as capital, Judah and Samaria), Arafat's response: "I don't want to drink tea with Sadat". We need a responsible partner with whom we can negotiate- Hamas? PLO- who pays terrorists who murder- the more murdered the larger sum of money? Extremists are counting on this Ghetto mentality- "If only we were less Jewish, if only we didn't stand out", "if only we were nicer". I haven't heard Abbas condemn the murder of innocents. He said "every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem is holy blood shed in the name of Allah". Are these the words of a partner you want to sit with???? As for Saudi, one of the most repressive regimes in our neighborhood, the best you can hope for is a Houdna- a temporary cessation of war lasting no more than 10 years. If the PLO had invested the billions of dollars of international aid they have received in creating jobs, industries, building a half decent life for its citizens then and only then will they have "hope".
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (10.09.15)
9. to Ami Ayalon(author)
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (10.09.15)
Hope of what..??? Is there anything, Israel didn't do to appease the so called "Palestinians" ? Are they doing anything for their own well being..? Can't think of even one...Since the creation of the fictional Palestinian state, Israel was their target for endless terror acts against innocent civilians and children.. The terror & murders against our children and innocent civilians, is still alive today...Why ?? Because the more we care and help them in every aspect of their wellbeing, the more they hate us...At the same time as the "Palestinians" shooting scuds at Israeli citizens, "WE" give them water, fuel, medicine, medical care, food..etc.,etc.
10. Hope
Sam ,   Canada   (10.09.15)
Hope to the Palestinians means that a Jewish Israel is crumbling not a 2 state solution. Israel may not offer Palestinians all they want but the idea that it is responsible for failed talks or Palestinian despair is Leftist drivel.
palastinian girl   (10.09.15)
there is no final to anything becouse if there is there will be no hope
12. more self-hating-jew rhetorics
"what could we have done?" "maybe we should be nicer" Reminds me of the movie 'mars attacks' where the humans constantly wondering whether or not they did something wrong to upset the Martians, whereas the Martians merely are killing the humans for their own entertainment.
13. As a leftist I say the authors have it wrong
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.11.15)
Bibi is doing nothing mainly because peace isn't part of the right-wing agenda and secondly because he's scared of his shadow. But it's irrelevant because the Palestinian youngsters carrying out the attacks are full of hope. Driven by wild Islamic incitement these hapless youngsters are heading out to fulfill a dream not realising they've been conned. It has nothing to do with the Israeli gov't or it's policies or even Israel itself. This same mindless terrorism is taking place all across the Middle East, we have to weather it the same we did with Arab nationalism etc. There's not going to be any peace in the near future, we need to make sure we don't become like them.
14. Remarkable it took 3 to write this brain dead article!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.11.15)
Other posters have done a good job exposing this brain dead leftist article. I will simply comment on the remarkable fact it took three adults to write it. Why three? It is hardly a Herculean project. One brain dead leftist would have sufficed. Perhaps the three wanted to divide the blame for the pathetic thing.
15. Ignore Decades of ...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.11.15)
Palestinian leaders calling for Israel's demise. Also ignore decades of 'peace agreements' voided by the Palestinians before the ink is even dry on the agreement. It's wishful thinking, and willful ignoring of history, to believe anything other than Israel's demise will satisfy.
16. About time ,...
split   (10.10.15)
Finally someone discovered what the brains are for and started thinking ,... Get ready for name calling and ridicule your hasbara homies are known for ,...
17. the opposite is true
dave ,   tzfat isarel   (10.11.15)
no hope they'll stop. annex. this newspaper fuels the conflict.
18. the three monkeys
Leah Goldsmith ,   Itamar Israel   (10.10.15)
If only YOU will see reality when the klippot of illness are taken off your eyes, your ears hear the truth and not the kapo self hating greedy echoes of your terminally ill yeitzer hara minds and your mouths better still become sealed THEN we, as a tzeeboor can face reality- because YOU ARE NOT IN REALITY.
19. ami ayalon et al article
evakatz ,   zichron Israel   (10.12.15)
what can an aging, tho smart lady do to help?!!!!! more power to you guys!
20. when SPIT quaks like an Antisemite duck........
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.13.15)
21. When they will have HOPE !! They hv rcvd millions which
israeli ,   israel   (10.13.15)
have not been used for their well being. For hope, they need to approach their leader Mahmoud Abbas. As for a 2-state solution, forget it ! There is room only for one state - Israel.
22. israelis will have security when the arabs are in arabia
Tomer ,   IL   (10.13.15)
Ignore these leftist Oslo "experts" Vote Feiglin in next elections Give mass expulsion a chance !
23. on hope ror arab state
sass ,   ashdod israel   (10.13.15)
there will never be aarab state it all belongs to us jews if the arabs do like living in Israel the have 58 arab countries to go to and see how the are treated there as third rate citizens
24. hope
sass ,   ashdod israel   (10.13.15)
there is no hope as long abbas is inramallah get rid of him send him out of Israel any where.to abonable obama
25. Israelis will have security when Palestinians have hope
Mick McDonell ,   Bundaberg   (11.02.15)
The only hope Palestinians hope for is that the Jewish nation Israel is wiped off the face of the earth. Make no mistake, this is their objective. There is no peace to be had with Palestinians ever.
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