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Ultra-orthodox matchmaking: Everything it's best not to know
Ariela Sternbach
Published: 09.10.15, 18:37
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1. Michael you forgot to take your pills.
DSM ,   USA   (10.10.15)
2. my favorite arranged Jewish marriage is:
Israela ,   Israel   (10.10.15)
the marriage between Ami Popper, convicted of murdering 8 arabs AND who while on furlough committed manslaughter by killing his wife and children in a car accident, and the divorced orthodox woman who had committed infidelity against her husband, with her "rabbi" and then allowed her lover the "rabbi" to beat the pulp out of her children turning one of them into a vegetable. Now that is a match made in heaven! (Ynet b4 u reject this TB ask yourself how is it more piquant and offensive than the article you paid someone to write)
3. Haredim matchmaking
Oshrat Nissan ,   Canada   (10.09.15)
I happen to be Iraqi born. Born in Baghdad . The rules that the Haredim follow for marriages are very similar to ours bak then. The very same principles. It is nota surprise. To your surprise,marriage happen to be more solid and created or create less dis functional families.
4. This is problematic
nibor ,   israel   (10.10.15)
I am a secular Jew living in Israel. I married and raised children here. I cannot support the Halacha, and while matchmaking would seem like a protection for young people, I am against that too. It's in overcoming differences or combining them that we build character and emotional strength, and I think this also strengthens the species. What's so shocking to me is that Israel is totally extreme: we either have this strict Haredi society that we seem to be learning towards more and more everyday or we have the side with no rules or morality at all. Can't Jews have a moral and sane lifestyle without all the exaggeration?
5. So what? They are just trying to...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.10.15)
eliminate every argument that might lead to quarrels and divorce.
6. #3 is right. You can make fun of ultra-orthodox but
More secular ,   jealous   (10.11.15)
in the long run they have the fewest divorce rates in the world, not because they're embarrassed or scared to divorce but because their parents who are at least 20 years older than them look into each shidduch before their child gets engaged. Secular or less orthodox young boys and girls go into shidduchim by themselves. All they see is the looks of the boy/girls.
7. And what if hes gay?
Iris   (10.12.15)
Just force him in to an arranged marriage, while he sleeps with other guys on the side. As I discovered was the case with my husband. We are now divorced but I cant help feel if only people were honest all this hurt would have been avoided. His Rabbi told him to suppress his feelings and go ahead and marry. I am still paying the price for this today. My ex husband is no longer haredi and lives with a man. I am divorced with 5 kids
8. Brings to mind.....
Moose Zoobree Khabir ,   NY US   (10.11.15)
"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch.... Bring me someone who's not a psychotic, or I'll have to buy some snatch!
9. Secular dating is better ?
Yoni ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.12.15)
Lust and love have no difference. Everyone is sleeping around hooking up in clubs and bars. Cheating is totally acceptable in many circles. Every girl is objectified and judged on her body 99% of the time. Which evil is lesser ?
10. from a sojouner through the land of complex human beings
Sarah Shapiro ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.12.15)
Any individual (including the possibly pseudonymous author of the above article) would be misunderstood and misrepresented by this kind of unverifiable anecdote. The piece could use a more comprehensve wide-angle lens. While there is indeed such a thing as accurate generalization, no group of human beings---even despised religious Jews--can be portrayed accurately by reductive stereotyping.
11. please publishand do not edit the email i sent yesterday
Sarah Shapiro ,   Jerusalem, Israelsar   (10.13.15)
12. So many exceptions
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (10.13.15)
A very readable article, BUT there are so many exceptions. I am 100% Litvish and my wife is from a 5 star Hasidic dynasty. My wife was educated in a Hasidic Beth Jacob seminary and I have two academic degrees from a university rated number 11 in the world. My wife is a five star cook and baker and I'm a five star fresser!
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