7 Palestinians killed in Gaza border riot
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
Published: 10.10.15, 09:29
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1. Who said 6 were killed. Did a Dr from Abu Kebir examine them
Alan ,   SA   (10.09.15)
2. Did they expect Israel to do nothing?
Brad ,   USA   (10.09.15)
There has to be a price to pay when you attack God's chosen people. By the way, anyone who calls themselves a "Christian", had better check their own attitude toward Israel. Do you think you can be saved by Jesus Christ, and be against His chosen people at the same time? Answer: You can't, so think again. You can be one or the other, not both.
3. freedom fighters killed
Alan Mitchell ,   Auckland. NZ   (10.10.15)
Gaza just like the Warsaw ghetto but Palistinians fight the brutal occupiers.
4. Boston Massacre
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.10.15)
The Gaza incident should be called what it was since it dwarfed the dead and wounded from the Boston Massacre. And in Boston, the Brits did not use modern weapons from half a football field away.
5. "fear"
bigrobtheactor ,   nyc, usa   (10.09.15)
Stop using the word, you are spreading it. Ban the word from your vocabulary unless it is used to indicate an action you wish to take as in instilling it in the enemy. We have no "fear". We have cold, determined resolve.
6. So be it
Cameron ,   USA   (10.09.15)
When fanatics gather with knives, rocks, and firebombs, they court a heavy response.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (10.10.15)
What is the point of this charade? These idiots think that by paying a bunch of kids to wield knives and throw stones, they can take on 8 million. Muslim leaders really know how to lay these fools with promises of heaven and divine glory of getting killed by infidels. 5 armies could not beat Israel. It is time to admit that you can't defeat it, and think of ways to co-exist. Israel is not going anywhere and will get stronger day by day. Wake up from your cult dream of killing the Jews.
8. #4
Brad ,   USA   (10.10.15)
At the Boston Massacre the Americans didn't attack the British, and half a football field is well within the effective range of Brown Bess muskets which the British had. The Americans weren't running off to the ridiculously corrupt UN to cry a puddle on the floor after murdering Israeli citizens. Call it what it is? OK, here's what it is. Israel is defending itself against Muslim occupiers on Israeli land.
9. &^%$(#@$*** ,...
split   (10.10.15)
'no-go' killing zone by the fence reminds me another place surrounded by fence 'guarded' by another chosen goons not so long ago ,...
10. #3 alan
Aaron Feldman ,   Cote St Luc   (10.10.15)
We know nz in still in the 19th century so better to upgrade your history books,Israel left gaza ten years ago so go find another excuse to hate us.
11. Should read!
US Veteran   (10.10.15)
idf murders non-jews at 200 yards.
12. #3 "freedom fighters" LOL
Benji ,   US   (10.11.15)
16 year old handed a knife and told to stab Israelis. In reality, Palestinian lemmings are brainwashed by leadership who want a diversion from their incompetence. Abbas and Haniyeh provoke conflict with Israel as we see happening now. Then they cry victim. Israel needs to block entrance into Israel, stop them from working in Israel, cut off medical care and humanitarian aid. The Palestinians once again bite the hand that feeds them. Perhaps you'd like to invite them to Auckland, NZ and provide benefits instead of Israel.
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