Soldier in critical condition after attack near Hadera
Raanan Ben-Tzur, Ahiya Raved, Rotem Elizera and Yaron Druckman
Published: 11.10.15, 19:31
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1. israel legal system protects arabs who slaughter jews
merv   (10.12.15)
the courts continue to go lightly on arabs who slaugher jews in all bestial manner. \I wish weinstein, mazuzz could explain the rationale. Cold blooded murder vs light prison sentencces then released by israeli leaders. maybe an element of jewry wants to die, prefers to the overlord and sultan rather than exercise soveriegnt. You see this clearly with israel hating haaretz news whose journalists villify israel at every turn. \these same don't do much to defend israel.
2. Lee Shropshire
split   (10.12.15)
What would you prefer pinhead a mass execution Babi Yar style or Cyclon B? Pick one ,...
3. Hadera attacks
Jason ,   Eugene, Oregon USA   (10.12.15)
I was saddened to read about the Hadera attacks in Israel. In 1973 I was a volunteer on a nearby kibbutz. We all felt very safe when we would go into town to a restaurant. After all, it was not the West Bank so there was no need for hyper-vigilance. I know I can't be too smug about my safety here in Oregon. Nine students slaughtered at a nearby community college is proof of that. The U.S. has its own self-inflicted terrorism cause by lax gun laws, a holdover from the time when Americans knew they needed guns to dominate the original native population and to keep the involuntary black laborers "in line". My sympathies go out to the Israeli victims families.
4. Demolish his family home
Benji ,   US   (10.11.15)
Investigate the whole family for terror ties. Don't let Israeli Arabs hide behind Israeli democracy.
5. Same Arabs that smiling serve us their rotten humous!
6. FB Harold Neale :"Well said. There is no other solution.",
A ,   Belgium   (10.12.15)
squawked the mindless parrot, whilst enjoying a tasty louse found under his tail feathers.
7. Suspect apprehended !!!! Can't understand why one of the
miri ,   israel   (10.12.15)
why one of the soldiers did not shoot to kill him.
8. Arab culture
Steve ,   London   (10.11.15)
My thoughts and wishes go out to those injured. I wish you a speedy recovery. How sad that Arab culture has fallen to such a low that the only contribution they have to make these days is to go around stabbing random people. It really is a horribly culture, isn't it.
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