2 stabbing attacks in Jerusalem within one hour
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 12.10.15, 09:20
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1. draw your guns, you morons
ira   (10.12.15)
in the case of a suspicious stranger pulling his knife suddenly from his bacck and then stabbing, 3 border guard were lookinng at him and talking to him. \they reacted by shooting him correctly. \but if you feel something suspicious, draw your gun at the second, otherwise you end up with an 8 inch blade in your face , neck or back, What this all means is that arabs are trying to kill the jewish nation by stabbing it everywhere. \\the reasons no longer matter. Ssurveys shohld ask israel and jeruslame arabs if they want to live an arab nation whatever they want to call it. Where they say yes with name and address, you now have a data base. \\\\\\\\\and if they also say they can never be loyal to israel, then you can now start proceedings to ship them out. \that is going to happen eventually by peaceful means or vicious war.
2. enough of this pacifism
sid   (10.12.15)
barkat says carry your guns and other weapons. Take out the terrorist permanently.\otherwise, the 2 bit will hire a lawyer who will say it was accident.And the israeli courts will pronounce light sentence. Israel is not respoonding in kind in order to stop this even if it takes 2 months or 2 years. Haaretz pacifism is killing israel.
3. Thanks to the left
Mark ,   Modiin israel   (10.12.15)
Thank you to all the leftists out there. All these attacks are because of your good intentions.
4. attack
bglon ,   jerusalem israel   (10.12.15)
Maybe the guard accidentally fell against his knife. I think the guard should say he shot him by mistake, he wanted to offer him some chocolate and reached for his gun instead.
5. Tourists attacked in this area a lot
Dangerous4Tourists ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.12.15)
This cemetery area is used by hundreds of tourists daily to reach the Lions Gate , tour buses download their tourists at the Rockafellar Museum and they walk along the eastern wall by the cemetery to avoid the steep climb to the gate from the road that leads to the gate as many tourists are elderly , on the way thieves posing as postcard sellers try to rob them and there is never any police presence in that area now we see terrorists using this same area this is very disturbing once inside the gate tourists are subjected to more attempts and humiliating remarks by many of the store owners along the Via Dolorosa in the Moslem Quarter this is unacceptable as this is a world famous Christian pilgrimage route complaints to the police about Moslem store owners goes unheeded Lately Moslem Missionaries attempt to convert them while they are on their pilgrimage , complete lack of attention to what is going on by police Ministry of Tourism and the government in general they haven't a clue what actually goes on there !!!
6. The uprising grows!
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.12.15)
The uprising for the liberation of all Palestine keeps growing this time, and most of the world supports it. Between the new intifada-revolution and a strong BDS, Zionism soon will be in the dustbin of history and barely remembered as an unpleasant, unfortunate blot on human history.
7. #6 What kind of "liberation" is that?
N ,   N   (10.12.15)
8. #6 bigoted islamonazi supporting moron
X''   (10.12.15)
Seig heil! Your delusions and disgusting antisemitism are getting the best of you. Take your meds. It's much more likely that the murderous rampage of the Pali-nazi criminals will produce an enormous Jewish backblast complete with ethnic cleansing of all Arabs from Jerusalem and surrounding areas.
9. not to worry, leiberman bennett or feiglin are coming
jess   (10.12.15)
libermna will be part or head of the new government in 6 months as bibi is on his way out and he has no chance of surviving politically. Since lieberman will be pm or minister of defense, his mindset is different than bibi or herzog who are peaceful 2 staters utterly dependent on hussein obama. Loyalty oath is coming, citizenship and deportation will be occurring for many arabs. Death sentences will be debated for many hours but passed for murderers of children and police officers.Shoot to kill orders will be standard procedure. Israel has been a country of concessions, turn the other cheek, trying to look at the other side for 67 years. That is over as soon as bibi is gone and that will be in 2016. Believe me he will not survive politically and that also goes for herzog and livni with their peace shemease proposals. Israel will become a militarized country to the bone. There will be much bloodshed. Leave while you can, grab your bags and money and move to jordan, saudi, juwait,t he emirates, turkey.If you push too far, ieiberman will go all the way.
10. hahaha
Ariel ,   Argentina   (10.12.15)
13. #6, just like the successful uprising in Syria?
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.12.15)
"The liberation of Palestine..." what a crock! With 20 Muslim countries within walking distance, little Israel needs to be 'liberated' by a mob of blood-lusting Islamic psychopaths? Assume, just for a moment, that Israel didn't exist. Would the 'natives' be all peace and love? No. They'd be killing their own wives and daughters for family 'honor.' They'd be fighting over which arm of Islam is the best. They'd be revolting against their corrupt leaders, only to have new corrupt leaders replace them. They'd turn 'Palestine' into another Syria. This is Abbas's plan. Have the brainwashed teenagers attack random Israelis in the hope that some Israelis will get killed and the attackers' deaths will make good PR. It won't work. The world is tired of terrorism. We expect Muslims to slaughter each other in horrific ways, it's what they do. But butchering Israelis will not be allowed to stand. Every terrorist should expect to die. No going to prison, Police and the IDF should shoot on sight and shoot to kill. That's the new standing order: Shoot to kill all terrorists on sight.
14. Ads by Ynetnews
Richard ,   Boca Raton USA   (10.12.15)
I'm tired of seeing sexy Russian or Philippian girls when I click on Also the ad on top of the opening ynet page is distracting and very inappropriate; especially when the lead story is that an IDF soldier was stabbed by a Palestinian and his life is threatened. Can’t you get some class and clean up you opening page.
15. #6 Your nose grows longer with each post
Benji ,   US   (10.12.15)
Unfortunately for you graczek, the State of Israel will exist for thousands of years. You'll simply remain a miserable, lonely, obsessed old man. Long live Israel!
16. Approved by the BooBoo State
Aftalni ,   Israel but not for l   (10.12.15)
Arab murderers are given free reign by the goyim-pleasing elites. And Iaraelis are too stupid to do anything.
17. To hell with followers of the islamic cult...
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.12.15)
Islam is the breeding cradle of terror and murder. It is time for ISrael to start deporting the evil followers. Their homeland is Jordan and the followers of the evil cult of islam should start walking...
18. When you don't make peace with moderates
they will be replaced with terrorists. Israel is a breeding ground for terrorists.
19. #6
avraham ,   toronto,Canada   (10.13.15)
not on your life
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