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Crazy weather: 100 years of record temperatures in Israel
Lihi Barak, Zavit
Published: 12.10.15, 23:46
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1. The region is preparing itself to accommodate the coming
Caliphate, with it's lovely, future inhabitants. It must then, look & feel like shit both summer& winter!
2. Tel Aviv Planning
Most future models show seas rising significantly in the next 50 years. What are the plans for Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, as it would be underwater. Also the Gaza Strip.
3. They failed to predict our most recent severe weather event
UR   (10.13.15)
Er, would that be the same meteorological service which FAILED to predict & so to warn me that a truck load of sand was to settle overnight into my apartment the night, last month, when the dust storm came to our parts?
4. #2:Did you say "Gaza Strip"? From your mouth to god's ears!
5. #4
If the Gaza Strip is flooded out so is southern co-operation will be a necessity.
6. Runaway Global Warming is Real!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.13.15)
The hot weather we are experiencing now is a result of all the fossil fuels pollution burnt into the atmosphere back in 1975. And all of the pollution we are producing now will be felt in 2055. More hot weather will be coming! Ice caps will melt and sea levels will rise, and eventually put all of Israelā€˜s coastal cities underwater within the next 200 years. Human Beings are clever but not wise. Selfishness, ignorance, greed, and brutality are destroying our world.
7. #4&6:Well if Gaza goes, I'll gladly drown myself! As to the
musings of Rich: what is this crap? You know that it's the bloody Sun that's causing this situation, just like it has done so many times in the past. Coal was being burnt much before seventies yet there was no Golbal warming, since there was no Mr.Al Gore. Better to wake up dude, otherwise you'll start believing Islamic propaganda as well....(or do you already?)
8. No.7, Not very smart drowning yourself
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.14.15)
if your enemy goes under too. Human life is more important than any land. It would have been better if you had said that you will just move to higher ground, like Jerusalem, when sea level rises. And you misunderstood me on fossil fuels pollution. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution in 1850 to 1975 abnormal levels of CO2 emissions have gone into the atmosphere and into Oceans (currently 400 ppm) and causing the hot weather we are feeling right now. We have finally reached the tipping point and are headed down the path of no return - Runaway Global Warming. As long as we continue to burn fossil fuels into the air, you can expect more hot weather to come. Do some research! There is plenty of scientific information on this subject.
9. #8:Gee, haven't thought of that!Good idea this "high ground"
CO2 have gone into WHAT?! Why not claim that it's the farting of dinosaurs that has gone into earth &water and now causes global warming? Any scientist with minimum of self-preservation instinct have found out long ago, that if he/she doesn't do the quack Al Gore "science" he can forget all about grants, or having his name published. EVER! That's like being a right wing artist hoping for a break- through. Good luck with that. It is not a conspiracy theory,but a fact. "Progressive", leftist, anti-establishment, "critical", "alternative" (for alternative's sake) posturing have always been at the vanguard of Western Intelligentsia (an oxymoron). Add to that "white man's guilt" about "raping Mother Earth" : et voila! Enter Mr.Al Gore!
10. asdf2368
Joey ,   1   (10.20.15)
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