Three murdered, more than 20 wounded in 5 attacks
Ynet reporters
Published: 13.10.15, 13:19
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1. And what has the Israeli Arab List Mafia achieved
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.13.15)
For Palestinians? NOTHING In fact their shocking behaviour inciting Palestinian and Israeli Arab kids to violence and harm is slowly unravelling the Palestinian fragile economy, Palestinian law and order, our social cohesion just so that these self seeking jokers can prove their Palestinian and Anti Israel credentials? Indeed their incitement coupled with the PAs dumb silence is ECOURAGING these criminal youth to violent crime NOT ONLY IN Israel BUT NOW amongst Palestinians There is ALREADY a surge in knife crime amongst Palestinians GOING UNREPORTED and COVERED UP as we speak and as if that wasn't bad enough these knife crimes are linked to robbery These mixed up juvenile and criminal Israeli inspired Arab List morons have got a lot to answer for... Can help wondering how they got voted into political positions in the first place
2. Expel the threat and enforce the right of return
Tzvika Pepel ,   Tel Aviv, berets Yis   (10.13.15)
of the genocidal mass murdering cannibalistic extortionists back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name so you won't have to kill them the next time they cannot control their homicidal impulses in the land named for the Yehudim and their homeland. Your leaders should do with their arms what they have sworn through their lips to do and remove the threat and not those they serve who the land is named for.
3. Words fail me
Robert ,   Australia   (10.13.15)
Palestinians-the only people required to guarantee the security of their occupier while Israel demands protection from its victims.
4. Typical State rule - as in Sweden.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.13.15)
You are not alowed a License for a Handgun for Righhtous Selfprotection. Arn.Sweden.
Police Superintendent Boaz Samocha will go arrest some spotty israeli jewish teenagers because they made some silly comments on Facebook ,and all will be well and you will all be nice and safe.
6. At least 21 wounded
mat ,   uk   (10.13.15)
Israel should make a law (if there is not one) anyone who is caught knifing will get 10 years in prison without any trial and to make sure that MEDIAS UN EU HUMAN RIGHT ETC. will know about it and if they don't agree tell to go to the Palestinians to make sure no knifings are done knifing looks like that its the in thing now what will be the next thing harsh sentences should be given to these animals
7. Attack in talpiot
Mark ,   Modiin israel   (10.13.15)
Quick! Convene the security cabinet so that Bibi can talk some more.
8. the reign of hostility on our streets
Ruth Fogelman ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.15)
Every stone thrower, as well as every knifer/gunner is our enemy, the enemy of the Jewish People wherever they are, attempting murder, and should be tried for attempted murder - whatever the outcome of his actions.
9. Are Mideast Muslims Dying for a Myth?
Francis ,   Rome Italy   (10.13.15)
Islam claims that, during his lifetime, Mohammed took a night journey on a flying steed, called al Buraq, to Jerusalem to the Farthest (al-Aqsa) Mosque. The irony is that, according to Muslim sources, there was no mosque in Jerusalem for Mohammed to visit. So why are they fighting over what never was? Official Muslim history says Mohammed died in 632 AD – if one uses the Islamic calendar, the year 10. Of this, there is no debate among imams, mullahs, Shi'a, Sunni, Wahhabi, Sufi, etc. By every account, Western or Islamic, Arab armies did not reach Byzantine Roman Christian Jerusalem until 636 AD of our calendar, to immediately set a siege. The Arabs did not enter in until 637 AD, when Christians finally surrendered the city. Almost five years after Mohammed's death. Five years! Even were one to accept Islam, there were no mosques in Jerusalem until after Mohammed's death. Whenever and wherever Mohammed made his night journey, al-Aqsa could not have been in Jerusalem. This is only if one accepts Islam. If one does not accept Islam, the story unravels even further. Western deconstructionists now question the very existence of Islam's Mohammed. The British historian Tom Holland and America's Robert Spencer have done masterful jobs pointing out that the Mohammed of the Koran is a collection of biographic myths, appended centuries later. The Christian apologist Jay Smith has made a career of deflating Islamic claims. All three trace the legends of Mohammed back to the fertile imagination of Abd al Malik, the fifth caliph of the new Arab Empire – an empire that did not even call itself Muslim originally. Was there even a Mohammed? Probably! But the Koran exaggerates and inflates his life. And his teachings? In fact, much of Koranic doctrine can be traced to then centuries-old Gnostic texts that arose after the birth of Christianity. That is it. Soon after Christianity started, counterfeit Gnostic gospels arose in the second century. These were discredited early on by the Church, but the ridiculous legends remained floating around among the Arabs. Mohammed plagiarized from counterfeits for his own political motives. Hence, the Koran, rather than being revealed wisdom from God, was rather a bastardized recompilation of earlier counterfeits, which Mohammed jumbled for his own ends. What astounds us is that Mohammed used such ridiculous sources to counterfeit from. Further aggravating this are the Koranic references to Mecca that have been shown could apply only to the Nabateans in Petra. The Koran mentions olives, which do not grow in Mecca. The earliest mosques pointed to Petra, not Mecca. Did Mohammed exist? If he did, was Mohammed from Petra, or did he borrow Petra sources? We know he borrowed from the Gnostics. And why doesn't Mecca show up on any maps until 900 AD? But now, for the absolute coup de grace: The 'Birmingham Koran' fragment that could shake Islam after carbon-dating suggests it is OLDER than the Prophet Muhammad[.] Islam, and its prophet, may be a total fraud.
Robert ,   israel   (10.13.15)
This is the best proof, Muslims can not live among PEOPLE. I know that what I say here will irk more than one, but just look everywhere Muslims live, thare are always problems. Even among themselves.
11. What are the silent MAJORITY of Israeli Arabs saying?
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.13.15)
NOT IN OUR NAME! We have been INUNDATED with messages from friends in Israels Arab Community They say Who are these mostly kids acting for? Who do they represent? NOT IN OUR NAME This is not about Temple Mount, its not about the Peace Process - its about young kids who don't know better being incited and fired to try to undermine Israeli Society Anyone see the TV piece of that young girl in her green Hijab in Jerusalem - probably no more than 15 gleefully chucking stones as if she was in a fun fair - right in front of the worlds media? As one Israeli Arab commented on Friday 'Today WE ARE ALL ISRAELIS TODAY WE FEEL MORE ISRAELI than ever When we see what is happening we begin to value what has been achieved, the democracy -warts and all, the freedoms and prosperity. Though through fear they cannot speak aloud many many of the overwhelming silent majority of Israeli Arabs WILL be secretly trying to contact and liaise with Israeli Security Services to find and apprehend these perverted criminals
12. Netanyahu's policy bears fruit
Reject moderates and empower terrorists - that should be his campaign slogan.
13. israelis-take the gloves off
marv   (10.13.15)
as for the religious students and rabbis, they must all have defense training starting today 2 hours daily 5 days a week. Rabbiis also need such trianing and gun training. They must be able to defend themselves instead of being hapless victims.
14. Why do you take the terrorists to the hospital?
Moshe ,   Givatayim   (10.13.15)
15. Why this is happening?
Heshie freed ,   Usa   (10.13.15)
I asked my Rabbi here in New York why these knife attacks are happening. He explained to me it's due to the gay parades throughout israel like on Tel aviv,Ashdod,Haifa and jerusalem. Had the religious parties like agudah and shas threatened to leave the government if they allowed the jerusalem gay parade,there would not be a guy like yishai shlissel knifing the marchers. The fact that most people supported the gay march and condemned the knifing is coming back to haunt israel with knives. The fact that Israel's tourism ministry allocates millions of dollars to advertise the gay parades in Germany to get German tourists, is now being punished that numerous tourists are canceling the December trips. You can't fight the Torah. We read this on Yom Kippur. If we allow homosexual activity in the land of israel we will be vomited out of the land. Read the Torah including you frum Jews. Wake up.
16. Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein
Dan ,   Kefr Sava   (10.13.15)
His Majesty, the King of Jordan is the person who should be calming the flames. He is responsible for the area, known to Israelis, as the Temple Mount. The King should be requesting passage from Israel for a TEMPORARY police force to enter the Masques and remove the weapons. The King is not his father or great-grandfather - mores the pity.
17. Asutralia's Racist Hypocrisy
Warren ,   Australia   (10.13.15)
At least the Palestinians haven't been slaughtered like the poor Aborigines of Australia, just because they have dark skin!!
18. moderates
art ,   usa   (10.13.15)
What moderates are you talking about
19. Israel allows Arabs to have and drive cars
Bello   (10.13.15)
That shows how suicidal Israelis are, living in their fantasy Oslo and Booboo/Bibi world.
20. Crackdown on terrorist point of origin
If the source of terror is coming from particular hot spots within Israel and other territories then these need to be pinpointed for tougher operations. And the source of instigation of these terror attacks need to be hit too to reduce the incitement and active encouragement of actions.
21. deserving of a country or not
jay   (10.13.15)
the arabs in israel and west bank and gaza are very good at backstabbing terror and bombs but have no real idea of a country in the palestine mandate,. \they are argue and bicker in syria, lebanon and jordan. \there is no end to it. \\\what goes in israel is par for the course in their connduct in the arab world. \now does israel deserve a country\\/ \you have most of the press who abhor any israeli use of force such that idf on the gaza fence use tear gas instead of bullets to keep gazans away so they can repair the fence. \you have the leaders of the haredi who simply refuse to use arms and to train the kids. \as a jew, I m ashamed to raise see our kids raised to be such sumissive types even though they are brilliant. \god helps those who help themselves but standing around and simply hoping and praying is not enough. Yet the haredi and their leaders refuse or go very slow to train the kids. \well to hell with their leaders. \parents of haredi-you get your kids trained-you here. Palestinian arabs look around and see almost willing victims in the israeli population, who hate to use any form of violence. That is why they feel they can take israel/ \the isralei judicial system is trying to please obama and the \eu as their sentencing is so anemic;even weinstein abhors the use of stern punishment. \yaalon, the good general attached himself to bibi who really cannot lead in taking attached yourself to the wrong man-calm for calm led to this. Arabs understand brute force like wha tthe russians are applyig. \you israelis seem like a bunch of pussies. \on that basis, it mgiht be better to ask the \eu and USA for another piece of land to move to unless you change your mindset.
22. CLOSE al-Aqsa until the violence stops.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.13.15)
If it doesn't stop, the mosque will NEVER reopen and Israeli archaeologists will have their way with it. Just as the Muslims used bulldozers and backhoes to make 'renovations,' so shall Israel. CLOSE THE MOSQUE.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.13.15)
how come this hasn't already been done??
24. Close the Arab 'holy place' until the terror stops.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.13.15)
Close al-Aqsa until the terror stops. If it doesn't stop, bulldoze it. With Arabs killing each other wholesale in other Arab states, why should we put up with it? Announce that any more attacks will be cause for the mosque to be closed until further notice. If attacks continue, be prepared to bulldoze the eyesore. The Temple Mount belongs to Israel and WE will decide what the 'status quo' is, not Jordan and not hoodlum Arabs. TODAY- right now, CLOSE al-Aqsa and seal it. If terror continues, destroy it. The damn place isn't mentioned in the Quran, so let's stop saying it's one of Islam's most holy places. Before 1967, it was just a backwater. Close it, seal it, and see what happens. If the Arabs want to see the mosque destroyed, let them continue on the path they have chosen. As for all ex-IDF members, go to your army base and get issued a pistol and ammunition. Why this hasn't already been done is big question. Arm the Israeli population. They are NOT sheep to be slaughtered. Bezeq should dismiss every Arab worker. Can't take any chance that an Arab, under the guise of doing telephone repair, gets into a Jewish house and slaughters everyone in it.
25. Final Solution
One who thinks   (10.13.15)
If the arabs would put down their guns "weapons/seek peace" there would be peace... If Israel put down her weapons, there would not be an Israel... Solution = Follow history of American Indian wars for best results...
26. Are not stone throwers "attackers"?? why do you give justifi
elianna ,   jerusalem   (10.13.15)
justification for these attacks- as if they would not happen if Jews did not go up on Har Habiet? you do not seem to understand that these attacks are being encouraged by the hatred and lies which are being spread by the palestinian political leaders and has very little to do with whether Jews go up on Har Habiet- as long as Israel exists. And in any case, clearly from your attitude you will blame Israel for any violence instigated by the palestinians.
We anxiously await his nothing BS speeches.
28. # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.14.15)
I'm not surprised words fail you. Israel is the victim.
29. Starting to sense why so many US citizens possess firearms?
Cameron ,   USA   (10.13.15)
30. The serfs obey the effendis
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.13.15)
Once again the Arab effendis are using their unfortunate subjects as expendable pawns.Maybe they're hoping for even more EU aid to enrich themselves. To the list of Abbas and his cronies' crimes of incitement to violence,incitement to murder,incitement to terrorism and actual terrorism,we should add the crimes of child abuse and employment of child soldiers. Abbas and his monsters are the ones who should be dealt with first.Never forget that Abbas is the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat's successor.They dress differently,that's all. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
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