Israel seals off East Jerusalem in attempt to quell violence
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.10.15, 10:44
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1. Bibi...Wrong Man For These Times
DSM ,   USA   (10.14.15)
The only way to keep Israel safe is to not allow any more Arabs into the country for jobs or any other reason. Israel will never be able to satisfy American politicians, far left Americans ( mostly Jews) nor EU politicians ( Jew haters from way back) unless Israel ceases to exist. By the way what took Bibi so long to call a cabinet meeting?
2. Expulse Abbas to Gaza !
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.14.15)
3. Block offf East Jerusalem
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (10.14.15)
No Arab from East Jerusalem will be allowed into the west until further notice.
4. We shall take it in our stride as always. Don't be
fooled by Leftist fear-mongering. They've been praying for this for years now, so they could roam their suicidal "Piss Process" down our throats once more!
5. All Jews must stay indoors
BooBoo ,   Western Al-Quds   (10.14.15)
and cower and kowtow to my Peace Partner buddies. Be assured I will do what is needed to crush any Jews who are out of line. Also, I am using my speech-making skills to further affirmative death action. Soon I will announce free ice creams for all Arabs - stay tuned.
6. if it looks like a unilateral withdrawal...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (10.14.15)
and it acts like a unilateral is a UNILATERAL WITHDRAWAL. Yesterday the Prime Minister of the State of Israel busied himself with the plans for his new airplane and new official residence. Today he has given the order to UNILATERALLY WITHDRAW FROM AND DIVIDE JERUSALEM! So much for Mr. Security...its all done with mirrors ... and when broken mirrors have sharp edges...anyway we look at it...we the People of the State of Israel are just his cannon fodder.
7. Let's start a fund to finance Arab families
miri ,   israel   (10.14.15)
generously to move from our midst ! This is the only guarantee for our population's safety from these mad, raging killers. If crucial steps are not taken, we will be constantly confronted with these same issues. Let's stop taking these stabbing attacks and deaths in our stride. On camera our people appear to be unworried and brave, but I say beware.
8. Kibbitzer Lieberman
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.14.15)
After losing lots of his Knesset seats, Lieberman chose not to join the government, but just to make scornful comments from the sidelines. So he neither has the inside information about secret government action against terrorists, nor can he influence government decision making. The government cannot act more forcefully because it has a minimal majority in the Knesset - thanks to Lieberman's decision to sit sulking outside it. Lieberman created the problem that he complains about.
9. Expel the threat and enforce the right of return
Ben Temalion ,   Shilo, MO   (10.14.15)
of the genocidal mass murdering cannibalistic extortionists back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name so you won't have to kill them the next time they cannot control their homicidal impulses in the land named for the Yehudim and their homeland. Your leaders should do with their arms what they have sworn through their lips to do and remove the threat and not those they serve who the land is named for.
10. Security restrictions need to be enhanced
Security restrictions on movement and barriers to access need to be accompanied by active intelligent patrols to improve effectiveness.
11. Lets try to get some context
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.14.15)
First ALL - EVERY SINGLE ONE of our many Israeli Arab friends feel a real sense of anger and betrayal by the actions of the Israeli Arab List Second Far from representing their interests the List have tried to bully, repress and ostracise ANY Israeli Arab who is proud and comfortable with his or her Israeli and Arab identity Third The Arab List are more obsessed with Palestinian issues and Anti Israel propaganda than issues affecting the well being of Israeli Arabs and hence have side lined many of their constituents Fourth The Arab List actions are now electrifying the silent majority of Israeli Arabs who have being saying with growing conviction and confidence in the last few days - NOT IN OUR NAME and completely rejecting the Lists utterly obscene and outrageous behaviour The tide is turning The silent majority of Israeli Arabs are all last finding their voice
12. this is total BS since 1978 it has been impossible to...
segregate and/or separate the populations of eastern and western that the shoe pinches the Prime Minister comes up with this West Bank BS solution...what's he gonta a bypass road?
13. all y'all r a bunch of haters...G-d's gonna punish you.
14. Next step, deport every arab holding a Jordanian passport
A ,   Belgium   (10.14.15)
Maybe Abdullah will deal with them the way his father did in beautiful September 1970.
15. One month too late
Roobox   (10.14.15)
Took them ONE MONTH to do this very basic basic step. A weak show.
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