Jerusalem terror continues in two attacks within hours
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 14.10.15, 16:35
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1. Terrorists?
Joe ,   Israel   (10.14.15)
"Knife-wielding"-yes, "terrorist"-no, copy-cat" -yes. His mission was to attract media attention, Thanks to Israeli media, its TV, radio and on-line stations, his mission was accomplished. Isn't it time for the Israeli media to do a little introspection?
2. A 70 year old woman.
Talula ,   Israel   (10.14.15)
Hope he and his entire family rot in hell.
3.  Annoying advertisements
Barbara Noble ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.14.15)
I really enjoy this site . I usually read it everyday to make sure I am caught up on what is constantly happening here. Unfortunately when attempting to access the video and latest news of yet another terrorist attack an advertisement appears and does not stop until it is finished. I was so frustrated by this unwanted advertisement in the middle of trying to get the news. This cheapens your site and leaves readers very frustrated especially in these days of terror.
4. The State-sponsored murderers.
Rennie   (10.14.15)
The Israeli government deliberately frees Arab terrorists so they will maim and kill.
5. Israel is a sovereign state
C   (10.14.15)
as a sovereign state, israel has the legal right to defend herself against all enemies, be they foreign or domestic. israel has the right to use all methods of self defense, except those specifically prohibited by treaty law such as torture or genocide. genocide is the attempt to wilfully eliminate an entire people for racial religious or ethnic reasons. genocide does not include collateral or accidental killing or killing of human shields. israel has the right to expell foreigners, to revoke residency permits, to revoke work permits, to confiscate property, to revoke passports. israel has the right to declare closed military areas or to declare marshall law for the duration of the conflict. israel has the right to refuse to meet with heads of terror organisations or heads of enemy states. israel has the right to make her own determination which organisations are deemed terror organisation. israel is not obligated to follow, obey or otherwise acquiesce to demands of foreign governments or foreign entities, this including the united states, the european union or the united nations. israel will not further endanger her national security to please the delusional obama regime and its european partners. israel does not accept the false idea that the arab palestinian issue is at the heart of the conflicts consuming the middle east and the larger muslim world. israel knows that the conflicts of the muslim world go back many centuries and are sectarian, ethnic, and economic in nature. to state otherwise is indicative of a lack of historic knowledge and will only further aggrevate the conflicts consuming the entire region.
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