'13-year-old was executed,' Abbas claims falsely
Elior Levy, Atilla Somfalvi
Published: 14.10.15, 23:19
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1. There is only no solution
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.15.15)
All the Islamofascist terrorists must be killed or driven out of Israel. Abbas is a war criminal and must be executed
2. Abbas
Batsheva ,   Centreville, USA   (10.15.15)
Abbas is a whack job. He calls armed Palestinians running around with knives trying to kill every Jew within reach a "peaceful struggle". And the rest of the world eats this garbage up because they are ignorant and anti-Semitic. The Palestinians will NEVER get Jerusalem as their Capitol. They should get over it.
3. Finally a moment of truth
Benji ,   US   (10.15.15)
Abbas is a liar and sponsor of terror just like Arafat. He sent the teen terrorist to murder Israelis. When the homicidal teen was neutralized and not executed, Abbas still pulled the victim card. Of course, Abbas has no problem sending Palestinian youth to their death and martyring them for murdering innocent Israeli civilians. After provoking and inflaming this conflict, he proceeds to threaten a holy war. This puts into perspective the truth behind these savage attacks on Israel. This is a holy war and the Palestinians are no different than ISIS. Their goal is to remove Jews from Israel and conquer Jerusalem. Abbas has finally removed his mask to openly become the voice of Islamic jihad. It is the Palestinian leadership that continues to make peace with the Palestinians impossible.
4. What a liar
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (10.15.15)
Try these lies on your stupid Arabs. This should put an end to this stupidity of two countries. Arabs understand only one language POWER.
5. By now we know, that what comes out of Washington & Ramallah
is as trustworthy as declarations from Pyongyang officials.
6. Abbas, aka abu masen, has denied Holocaust...
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.15.15)
... and he has NOT changed his standpoint regarding terror and hell. He is s true follower of the Islamic cult, and for those followers, terror is the only thing to be true. Violence, killings and murder is mentioned together with islam, the evil ideology....with abu masen as a ttop idiot.
7. NRK TV, norwegian state television...
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.15.15)
... has no problem to refer to Abbas, telling the Norwegian people in the morning news: ISRAEL IS KILLING CHILDREN. And this is the true integrity to the leftist in Norway. ; Their way of life is based on lies and internal mutation.
8. Israel should start putting in order
George Nolan ,   Canberra , Australia   (10.15.15)
its own house . More unity between the Israelis and the leftist should be put aside or interned as they are fanning the flames of hate from the Palestinians. Once their voice reduced to silence then it will be easier to deal with the Palestinians. There is only one home to jews and it is Israel with undivided Jerusalem as its capital. If the Palestinians want a state of their own , let them go to Jordan.
9. Sorry , Kerry that we do not dance to yr tune ! As for
mniri ,   israel   (10.15.15)
Abbas, he is inciting and does not, will not admit to the world that his young brethren are carrying out atrocities in the streets of Jerusalem and other cities - most using knives on unsuspecting pedestrians. Two state solution ? As I've said before, there is not enough room here for another state ! Time has come to oust families of these murderous deeds.
10. How Would Abbas Know?
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.15.15)
How would Abbas or even the Palestinian kid's parents know if he is alive or dead. because Netanyahu said so? Have the kid's parents visited? Has a Palestinian doctor seen the kid? What proof of life exists? When was the last time Netanyahu said something any Palestinian could believe?
11. Shock Horror - Abbas lies...... again!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.15.15)
The man is devoid of telling the truth - because if he did - he wouldn't last longer than the milk in my fridge.
12. Abbas is like a soft Fart
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (10.15.15)
silent and violent
13. if Goebbels....
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (10.15.15)
If he could see those cartoons, pictures and the speeches of the so-called moderate Palestinian government in the Arabic, Palestinian social and other media about the current conflict with us, Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, would be very happy and very proud that the Palestinians are such good students of him and are walking in his footsteps! What I'm saying: If he could see it!!!!........ he sees it: but.... from hell ...
14. LIES
Robert ,   Israel   (10.15.15)
When will the World ever learn that LIES and MUSLIMS go together. They are inseparable. One can not exist without the other.
15. '13-year-old was executed,
jon ,   uk   (10.15.15)
Abbas claims falsely and a straight face Abbas got use to tell LIES to please his people and some media ears. Not UN EU etc. challenges him if he will hold black paper and say its white he may not be challenged Was executed ? this is not Israel's culture he should look across Israel borders and when his brothers execute he should say something but he does not. its excepted that Muslims allowed to kill Muslims and others and not much said about it specially from Abbas
16. I think Abbas is trying to give OBAMA excuses for abstention
Alan ,   SA   (10.15.15)
in vote in Security Council to declare a Pal State. The US State Dept (Kerry group) seems to blame Israel and the "settlements" for this spate of murders. Abbas and Pals know Obama has a year or so to go as POTUS and wants to get as move on while the going is good and OBAMA is in the White House. So I presume the next year or so will be very charged, to say the least.... time is running out in the Presidency Having said this, I dont think Hillary would be any better,if not worse.
17. There photos and videos of him in the hospital
Alex ,   Israel   (10.15.15)
And if Abbas does't know anything, why does he pretend that he does?,7340,L-4711817,00.html
18. Abbas has worked himself into an impossible corner
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.15.15)
On the one hand he arrests Hamas and Jihad activists and on the other he glorifies the same people as martyrs and pays them thousands of dollars a monthThis cronically weak leadership is naturally collapsing and has only survived because Israel has propped him up ( yes Bibi has been propping him up) Abu Mazen has to go and the current farce needs to end.
19. Even hte most blatant lies of chief terrorist Abbas
A ,   Belgium   (10.15.15)
won't stop the US, UN, EU and Harold Neale from believing them.
20. Palestinian violence
Haifan ,   Haifa   (10.15.15)
Interesting why Palestinians resort to murder and terror, (sending children to do it instead of the adults is another bizarre fact) and not to other forms of protest. For example they could use trucks and tractors to paralyze traffic throughout the country and effectively paralyze it, severely hurting our economy, without anyone getting hurt or killed. This could have a powerful effect to bring Bibi back to the negotiating table.
21. Ab ss was a terrorist and still is a terrorist
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (10.15.15)
He never was a friend to Israel and never will be a friend to Israel. He wanted our destruction when he was a terrorist, and now that he is the PA leader still wants our destruction. He should be captured and executed for supporting terror...
22. Abbas has free hand from Europe and Obama
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (10.15.15)
Not Is an total is an idiot and irrational, but very comfortable for antisemitism mood of Europe and mental impotency of Obama. Interesting to see reaction of European and USA media? Probability that , Israeli occupation will be again the smoke screen for this imbecile(Abass)
23. Abbas lied? Say it ain't so.
Brad ,   USA   (10.15.15)
The kid is still alive in an ISRAELI hospital. Oh well, this goofy kid will continue his jihad, and an IDF soldier will send him to Allah. He won't like it there.
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