IN PICTURES: 'Dead' 13-year-old terrorist alive and well
Yael Friedson, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 15.10.15, 13:02
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1. Need orientation
James ,   Nigeria   (10.15.15)
Phistine,why do you so much hate your brothers the jew,hve u forgotten that we all decended from father Abraham?you need disorientation about jew hatred.For such boys act only to the idealogy of their elders
2. Praise the Lord its a miracle
Yoni   (10.15.15)
miracle my back side
3. Give Him Some Chicken Soup
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (10.15.15)
Can't someone draw a cartoon like the one circulating on Islamofacist media showing this boy with his legs bent back, bleeding and an Israeli soldier pointing his gun at him - except instead of the soldier, a Jewish mother with a bowl of soup and a spoon, and the title "Give the stabbing terrorist Some Chicken Soup" Can't wait to read what happens when this canary starts to sing about how he was indoctrinated - by whom
4. This is like the Warsaw Ghetto uprising
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (10.15.15)
Anelevitz would have been proud of these youngsters standing up to Jewish terror
5. Can't believe he is alive !!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.15.15)
.. Our leftist controlled Norwegian state media reports he is executed. With BIG BLACK CAPITOL LETTERS rolling over the screen: ISRAEL IS KILLING CHILDREN.!! Should I believe in NRK TV?? NO, NO, NO.. This is just the way they report ANY news from Israel, in the most negative way, even the positive once. I think leftist media in ISrael should make some phone-calls..,
6. Note the handcuffs. He's probably thinks it's all unfair!
Scott ,   USA   (10.15.15)
7. alive for what?
USA   (10.15.15)
To kill again???
8. 'Dead' 13-year-old terrorist alive and well
mat ,   uk   (10.15.15)
Israel should send the two articles round the world media and show them the culture of lies which starts from the top THE PRESIDENT ABBAS and his people this is only one example world should investigate anything which Palestinians say and checked under a microscope and challenged if its lies and shame him it might make him think in future what he says he will blame someone for giving false information
9. bibi s hould keep quiet about peace
Gerald   (10.15.15)
bibi's father ben tzion did a lousy job in raising bibi. He runs scared, tells yaalon and erdan not to press kerry on excessive force comment bedcause he is scared of obama sancitonning israel in some way. He cannot stand on his own,he doesn't know what to do do. He runs aorund asking what should I do, you tell me but lets not upset kerry. His father should have booted him up the ass and sent him for training in the gym to build some self confidence. He has none, a huge coward is how he behaves, afraid of this, of that. He should be telling kerry-you are wrong about settlements and us using excesssive force. Don't come here to start peace talks with that crook abbas. We don't want you here period. Instead, bibi will kiss ass and make nice. He makes me sick! The only reason he is still pm is because herzog livni and lapid are so w eak and wrong on poicies. Vote for bennett!
10. Beary, #5
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (10.15.15)
Beary, it probably won't make a huge difference, but any chance you can call NRK TV and tell them to correct their story and apologize? Also, is it possible to sue them for incitement?
11. Taqiya
Max ,   Washington DC   (10.15.15)
Taqiya justifies lying and cheating to achieve one's ends. It seems the State Department along with Kerry and most of the media listen to Abbas and have been too quick to blame Israel for defending its citizens from murdering palestinian terrorists.
12. Execute little Jihadi now because Israel is blamed already
13. Obama's beloved terrorists
C   (10.15.15)
there is no end to the obama regime's incitement against the sovereign jewish state of israel. the claim by the obama regime that israel uses excessive force is sheer fabrication and propaganda. the claim that large settlement construction caused this specific wave of terror outburst is another fabrication. the obama regime is bigoted and behaves like a third world dictatorial regime. israel must openly counter the obama lies and refuse to receive kerry.
14. PLO Muslim liars as always.
Brad ,   USA   (10.15.15)
Muslims always sugar coat their crimes. Besides, if this Muslim punk was "shot in cold blood", how were the Muslim punk's victims stabbed? Oh yeah, IN COLD BLOOD.
15. It can't be true..He must be a wax works !
Roland ,   london England   (10.15.15)
16. dead terrorist alive
dan frank ,   montreal canada   (10.15.15)
I sincerely hope Israel will use this story to show the world how unreliable and untrustworthy the PA is . Sadly , Hassbarah is something Israel is critically lacking in .
17. Something Else We Can Do
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (10.15.15)
We Americans can flood the Norwegian Embassy with phone calls and Emails and let them know we are disgusted with the Norwegian's press' Anti-Semitism
18. #4 Badu Ban Chutia
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (10.15.15)
Are you familiar with the Indian Song Chew Mi Badu Lingum?
19. Yeah ,...
split   (10.15.15)
... it's Abbas' fault that the kid survived. he was shot multiple times in the safe distance with the intention to kill, that's how the civilized world see it ,...
20. A little reorientation is in order
David ,   New york   (10.15.15)
Have him "reeducated" so that he hates the Palestinians and speaks out against them on tv
21. #4 What ghetto does Mansra live in?
Benji ,   US   (10.15.15)
Seems he has too much freedom. His uncle was interviewed and said he would have raised him differently. That suggests this boy was taught and encouraged by his family to behave like this. Curious how the authorities in India would deal with this knife wielding terrorist?
22. where are the cowards
gallula ,   Paris 16   (10.15.15)
mogherinni, obama, ban kimoon hollande,:where are u? ????????
23. Terrorist Soon To Be Released
Nick ,   San Diego USA   (10.16.15)
This Arab terrorist will soon be released as part of a friendly gesture to the Palestinian government. Give it about three years and he'll be free. The Israeli government (whether Likud, Kadima, Labor, The Left/Center/Right) is the joke of the world.
24. Well, what now with Evil Junior?
Cameron ,   USA   (10.15.15)
Though he merits being flung from the roof of the hospital, what sort of cage will he shoved into? Can't have that bad lil monkey running free on the streets.
25. do you think
muna   (10.16.15)
we all are alive and well ???
26. Poor Desparate 13 YRS OLD "PALISTIANS"
USA NYC   (11.04.15)
NOT SO dear...IT is just like what MS GABRIELLE mentions "cause they hate". If it is so BAD FOR SO CAL PALISTIANS THEN WHY THEY KEEP N. COMING ? Y DON'T THEY MOVE TO the other 22 MUSLIMS COUNTRIES? . Real near by like Jordan or Egypt? Or or or 22 times "or"...THE CURRENT QUEEN OF JORDAN IS A FORMER "PALISTIAN " ... NEVER HEARD OF A NATION CALL "PALISTIANS IT WAS A REGION.THE hate To ISRAEL FORMED Palistians Nation. They will not succeed BECAUSE THAT Nation based on HATE. NOT OF "LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR ".HATE =LOSES LOVE=WINS
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