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Dennis Ross: Israel-US crisis will be resolved
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.10.15, 20:42
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1. Israel is a miracle
Zechariah   (10.24.15)
To resurrect after the Shoah and create a state with a strong army and keep the infrastructure strong the medical socioecoomicand even some abidance of the enemies -as proved by a ten fold increase in the Palestinian Arab population since 1938 despite the bitterness of the Shoah is a miracle . The Future is a threat and the USA and Russia are needed to maintain a Safetry from a massive Regional War far worse than the current situation terrible as it is .
2. Dennis Ross' prophecy is doomed for failure
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.24.15)
Westerners do not understand Arab mentality, hence, all US and European presidents who tried making peace with Arabs and Israel failed just because Arabs do not have the mentality of the US, EU and other Westerners.
3. Hope
Marc Zell ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.25.15)
Ross is right to be optimistic about the future of US-Israeli relations -- the reason is the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution (limiting presidential terms) and the 2016 presidential election in which a Republican will hopefully be sent to the White House. Otherwise, God help us.
4. Everyone might like to know
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/Israe   (10.25.15)
An Israeli air force jet has been shot down over Syria. Status of pilot at this time unknown
5. reference to dennis ross to solve impasse with palestinians
clemente mizrahi ,   caeacas - venezuela   (10.25.15)
I admire D.R. good will above the political issues to resolve the israeli-arab hatred and mistrust. Actually, you are not dealing with one nation you are dealing with tribes. The hatred has many years in evolution; I will say thousands of years. It turnedout into heritage - a DNA transmission factor. The arabs don't want peace - moslem philosophy. Iran is not arab. So explain how israel can make peace with those primitive tribes.
6. Huh?
suzy ,   usa   (10.25.15)
Ronald Reagan in 1982 signed an agreement with Israel that all information between the governments would be classified unless both governments deemed otherwise. Obama has leaked info right and left regarding the security of Israel. What will it take to get this president impeached? About partisan...Ross lets a bit ooze out when he tries to embellish which Presidents liked or dislike Israel. Obama's relationship past, present and future he describes here is the biggest whopper of them all. However.....Clinton and Israel did remain united...that he did get right. It is now up to the Republicans to save the ONLY Democratic nation in the M.E. it looks like. Since Obama, the Dems have been unmerciful to israel.
7. Of Course, it was Bushes Fault!
Rollingblock Shooter ,   Portland - USA   (10.24.15)
Th author may be smart but, he has no grip on reality.
8. Zechariah 10:6 is comforting in these troublous times.
Rivkah   (10.25.15)
It reads in The Holy Name Bible, "And I will strengthen the house of Judah (Israel in the Middle East), and I will save the house of Joseph (USA is Joseph and Manasseh who was told he would become a great nation and Joseph got the blessing from Jacob the Patriarch), and I will bring them again to place them; for I have mercy upon them: and they shall be as though I had not cast them off: for I am Yahweh their Elohim, and will hear them." Wars are coming but Elohim will have mercy on Israel and the USA. Seven nations are sheep nations that will stand with Israel in the last days of Gentile world rule. It is all the goat nations of the world who will attack Israel at Armageddon but that does not include the sheep nations, so the sheep nations must survive and probably leave the U.N.
9. Israel and the USA
Joe Asfour ,   Burke, Virginia   (10.25.15)
Israel and its leaders have succeeded up to now to ensnare the United States in a number of tenuous situations around the world making ALL believe in the intrinsic value and importance of Israel's contribution to US strategic interests. The Jewish lobby in the US ,has to its credit , furbished this image over the past decades and in spite of being an insignificant ethnic community number wise vis a vis the rest of the American population it has been able to influence US policy and strategy in an extraordinary fashion in one particular direction since the inception of Israel.Ross is but one of those who have fashioned this policy even if a segment of US policy establishment has had concerns and doubts about the validity of the positions they have been saddled with. Ross and his likes have always justified Israeli positions and actions even though they played the devil's advocate by occasionally criticizing Israeli actions . In the ultimate analysis it is becoming increasingly evident to the US and world opinion that Israeli games and gimmicks are causing terrible damage and unsettling the Middle East further. The day Ross and company work for a real peace in the Middle East, then we can believe what he says.
10. Israel's apologists
Joseph Michael ,   Houston,Texas   (10.25.15)
As an arab how can I trust US emissaries who are Israel's apologists at the same time.
11. Only if Americans themselves choose to have a future& vote
Democrats out of the White House. Otherwise: forget how many hours you've spent with whom, it won't happen!
12. Obama should stop medling
C   (10.24.15)
obama's entire foreign policy has been a disaster. obama's policies under thomas donilon did not differ from his policies under susan rice. the reason is simple. obama is the one who determines foreign policy. obama has always been hostile toward israel and he has never hidden his hostility. susan rice is also hostile, but she derives her power from the president. the military to military relationship will survive since the congress and the military itself is well aware of its importance. just imagine if in place of israel, there were another arab muslim terror state right accross from europe and so close to the suez canal. the deal with iran will not survive given its huge defficiencies. nor can israel accept an islamic theocracy with nuclear weapons. the so-called two state solution is a delusion. people like ross, who means well, must realise that the entire oslo deal has been a disaster. one main reason is that from the arab point of view, this is a religious war. even secular arabs view jews as religious enemies who threaten islam. as such, a resolution to the conflict will take many decades. it would require a complete reformation of islam. however, what we see today is the opposite, the rise of very radical islamist groups and the revisionist policies of many muslim states.
13. It will not !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.25.15)
14. Israel is doomed to have Obama till end of next year!
Alan ,   SA   (10.25.15)
15. Isreal does not need a nanny
Dean ,   Canada   (10.25.15)
The problem with US- Israel relations is that no grown up can act in its own best interests if it has a big nanny nagging it to be good, be kind, be generous to your enemies, be perfect unlike all the other neighboring countries and terror groups that want to destroy you. It is time for Israel to grow up and give its big nanny the boot. The nanny has grown weak and senile and is being replaced in a Middle East where it has repeatedly made mistakes in the name of doing good for Islam and behaving in naïve and ideological leftist ways which have left the region a mess and made the allies of the USA wonder if the US is insane.
16. No, Israel is a result of USSR toppling Hitler
Miron ,   USA   (10.25.15)
And US just this year, abdicated every survivor of Holocaust, and that includes every living Jewish person, of celebrating victory in its cradle, Moscow, on Red Square. There is nothing more to say.
17. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.25.15)
You are sprouting rubbish, madam. No Israel pilot has been shot down over Syria. The story is, Israeli Arab flies hang glider into Syria. Again you shot yourself in the foot!
18. the real source of truth says: 'there will be no peace"
that person is God. ,   WAKE UP!   (10.28.15)
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