'Abbas continues to lie'
Published: 15.10.15, 18:18
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1. Jews Memory Seared no Peace .
Zechariah   (10.16.15)
2. Lying
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.16.15)
It takes a liar to know a liar
3. "Abbas continues to lie'"
Harry ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (10.16.15)
Mr Netanyahu! So what is the problem? People who live a LIE, will always LIE. Why condemn a LIAR, when it is The State of Israel, who not only BOUGHT into "THE LIE" but even helped prop up THE LIE and perpetuated THE LIE and gave legitimacy to THE LIE!!! STAND UP ONCE AND FOR ALL AND CLAIM! THERE IS NO PALESTINIAN PEOPLE, THERE WAS NO NATION CALLED PALESTINIAN. EVER!!! Our Land, the Land of Israel as it was called, (The Holy Land) was overlorded by the Roman 2000 years ago, which in 135 AD after crushing the Bar Kochba Revolt, took a step further and renamed the Land Philistina, to eradicate any memory of the Jewish people to their Homeland. Not ALL Jews were exiled from there land. There was always a Jewish present thru out the centuries. In time, Jews started to reestablished themselves back into their Homeland. While there were also arabs living in Israel, for 2000 years, no other Nation has ever established themselves as a Nation in the Land of Israel. Who would want to live in a Barren, Desolate land anyways. In 1948, the Jews again called OUR Homeland Israel. THE BIG MISTAKE!! In 1948, the name Palestine, should have been outlawed. It was the States mistake, that they themselves referred to the Heart of our Homeland Judea & Samaria as the West Bank. It was the States mistake, in 1964, by recognizing the local arabs, calling themselves, Palestinians. They were local arabs living in the Land. There was never an inspiration for a homeland. Arabs were always part of the Greater Arab world. They happen to live in the Holy Land/Israel. But the new situation since 1948 created a reality and it wasn't until 1964, when arabs decided to organize themselves to fight this new reality. the PLO was created. Yes, you will argue, that you have arabs living in Israel, that do not want to recognize The State, or even the return of the Jewish people to their homeland. What was the State to do? It was the States mistake, to ignore the issue on the ground, hoping for a Status Quo, and maybe hoping the problem will disappear by itself. A war was fought in Lebanon in 1982, which Israel chased out the PLO gang out of Beirut. How stupid was it for the State to Welcome the terrorist group PLO into Israel proper in 1993 in believing that things will now be different? Changing their name from PLO to PA, did that make a difference?? A Wolf doesn't change who it is because you dress it in Lambs clothing. What has the Oslo accord after 22 years bring us beside thousands of dead Jewish people? So what do you want from Abbas. It was the States mistake to continually give them the PLO legitimacy of being a Nation of People deserving a State etc. So what do you want from Abbas. He's going for it because the State gave them all the Tools to do so. SO!! now we have the expected, continuous situation. As far as a solution, that is still in Progress, but STOP THE BLEEDING!!! STOP immediately the Recognition! STOP immediately giving them Legitimacy! STOP calling them Palestinians. STOP referring to them as Counterparts. Call a SPADE a SPADE. PLO = PA. A terror organization whose soul purpose is to destroy Israel WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
4. The more accurate question is:
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (10.16.15)
When did he ever tell the truth?
5. Ab ass
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.15)
He never was a friend to Israel and never will be a friend to Israel. He wanted our destruction when he was a terrorist, and now that he is the PA leader still wants our destruction. He should be captured and executed for supporting terror..
6. bibi is attacking abbas but not for right things
elianna ,   jerusalem   (10.16.15)
bibi should be telling abbas he is a murderer because he incited the children and others to murder. he is destroying the future. he is guilty of all of the murders- not just lies. but real crimes to humanity.
7. FB Harold Neale: "filthy mouths"
A ,   Belgium   (10.16.15)
Who are you, bumpkin, Facebook's new quality control director? Filthy mouths bother you but when you post your hateful, ignorant, twisted comments that's ok? Better hope they never outlaw stupidity or you'll be gone too!
8. FB Harold Neale : "I have three sons "
A ,   Belgium   (10.16.15)
Have they disowned you yet?
9. Abbas is a terrorist
C   (10.16.15)
terrorists lie the way they murder. the obama regime and the eu have elevated this terrorist who denies the holocaust and who denies jewish historical ties to the land of israel and to the jewish temples to a respectable diplomat. the result is terror murder and mayhem.
jouko ,   finland   (10.17.15)
It is so funny how much Abbas and other palestinian politicians and even arab politicians use lies in their lives and work. Then on the other side they all are deceived by the enormous lie of Islamic faith! Liar is deceived by his own lies! Liar swallows up lies himself! How true!
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